No Valentine today? Consider yourself *LUCKY*

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Hey, it’s Valentine’s Day!

If you don’t have a girl, don’t be sad…

Just be glad you don’t have to shell out
big bucks because Hallmark and the jewelry
companies have you socially pressured to do so…

You see, a lot of guys who have dating problems
also have anxiety issues…

They worry and have negative thoughts, this is
the wrong thing to do!

You need to always be optimistic and picture the
glass half full rather than half empty…. be happy
with what you got but always strive to get better…

So if you’re single, go treat yourself today…

Go get something *MANLY* like bacon or beef jerky…
no cards with pink hearts on them or jewelry,
otherwise I’m gonna hunt you down and yank your
man-card ;-)

You can also go to the clubs and bars tonight, and
most of the annoying couples and women in relationships
should be gone…

So rather than crying or complaining, take ADVANTAGE
of your current situation… you have amazing opportunities
that you’re buddies who are married with children can only
DREAM about…

Here’s some “half full” Valentine’s Day articles from
the past years:

* Happy Singles Awareness Day (the anti Valentine’s Day)

* The Truth about Valentine’s Day

* Single This Valentine’s Day? Make It A Positive Thing!

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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