Older Men Dating Younger Women with Savoy and Kisser

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Older Men Dating Younger WomenEach month Love Systems puts out an audio product where a select group of LS instructors gets together to give tips and advice about a certain dating related topic…

This month the instructors are Savoy and Kisser and the topic is “Older Men Dating Younger Women”.

Sounds like a cool topic… although I’ve never heard of “Kisser” before…

You can listen to the first 10 minutes of it free by clicking here…

Otherwise here’s the description for it…

For many older men, dating younger women can seem like an impossible challenge. Little do they know that their older age can often be an incredible advantage. On this interview, expert instructors Kisser and Savoy go over the adjustments you need to make in your game to be able to date women much younger than yourself. In addition to providing an overview as to what general differences there are in where and how you game vs. a younger guy, this powerful interview will help you learn how to avoid certain fashion faux pas, sexual mishaps and conversational topics which may frame you as “too old” in a younger woman’s eyes.

Topics covered include:

-Why younger women find older men attractive
-The biggest challenges for older men when dating younger women
-The most common fashion, conversational and sexual mistakes that men make when pursuing younger women
-How to use your career and status to your advantage in meeting younger women
-What to do when you’re older than the parents of the girl, or if you have children her age

“A lot of it’s actually in the head of older guys that are trying to date younger women, they think it’s a lot harder than it is and then they actually respond by making it even more difficult than it needs to be” - Savoy

“Think about the younger version of you and where those people are hanging out” –Kisser

If this sounds interesting to you, sample the first 10 minutes of it free by clicking here

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  • Rhom
    April 27th, 2009 at 8:58 am

    Very disappointing interview. Suggesting that older guys hang out at colleges or go to clubs in suits looking like mobsters is just not practical. The rest of the material is just plain common sense. Its not in the heads of men that younger women in general prefer to date younger men. Its a natural state. Both of these guys live a charmed existence and for the average guy its very hard to relate.

  • Mack Tight
    April 27th, 2009 at 10:59 am

    I haven’t listened to THIS interview but I have listened to others by them. I will say that I find them to be overall really good and informative.

    Regarding your comments…

    I’m 33 and I go to bars and clubs by colleges all the time. I do NOT hang out AT colleges though. Are you sure that is what they suggested? I have a feeling they probably meant hang out at parks, beaches, venues and stores NEAR colleges, not ON campus.

    As for wearing suits to clubs… I somewhat agree with them. I think it is situation dependent, but the overall point is dress up rather than down. I see too many older guys wearing crap like Hollister and baseball jerseys. You are not fooling anyone when you dress like you are 20 when you are 40. A younger woman who is looking for a guy who looks 20 is not going to want you, you have to go for the girls looking for a distinguished and established older man.

    If these guys live a charmed existence it is because they created it for themselves. They earned it… they weren’t born into it like Donald Trump Jr. or Paris Hilton. I can’t relate to Paris but I can relate to Savoy. I think everyone can achieve this to some degree if they believe in themselves, learn the needed skills and take action.

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