3 Objections to One Night Stands - Problems To Overcome

Here’s an article by Dean Cortez about the most common objections women have to having one night stands… and how to overcome them…

3 COMMON Objections For One Night Stands - And How To OVERCOME THEM!
By Dean Cortez

One of the most powerful techniques in my The One Night Stands Playbook is learning how to “plant seeds” in a woman’s mind about your own attractive qualities.

This is a subtle way of letting her know about your positive characteristics, without ever sounding like you’re bragging.

But to LOCK DOWN the One Night Stand and make it a sure thing, you’ll need to take it a step further and plant some seeds that eliminate her OBJECTIONS.

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Women naturally have 5 main objections, programmed into their brains, that tell them why they shouldn’t go home with a guy they just met.

Often, you’re going to need to overcome all 5 in order to make her feel comfortable with having sex with you that same night.

I don’t have enough space here to cover all 5 objections, but let me give you 3 big ones:

1) She may get pregnant (yes, women have a fear of this — you can’t blame ‘em!)

2) She might suffer social consequences (i.e. her friends/peers will find out she had sex with you, and think she’s a slut)

3) Sex too soon would ruin a potential relationship (She really likes you and is interested in a possible relationship, and she’s worried that if she has sex with you too soon, you won’t respect her or want to date her.)

The way to eliminate these objections, without sounding obvious, is to tell short stories that plant the right seeds in her mind.

I’ll share a few ones that I use.

I say something like…

“My friend Ben texted me. He just left here with a girl he met. I’m just going to text him and tell him to be safe…hey, you gotta use protection. That’s one of my big rules.”

Or I can tell a quick story:

“One time I hooked up with a girl and right in the middle of it she tried to pull the condom off. I actually had to kick her out of bed because she didn’t want to use one. Isn’t that crazy?”

Slip into the conversation the fact that you always practice safe sex. Then you can change the subject. The seed has been planted in her mind.

What about objection #2, that she might suffer social consequences by having a one night stand?

First, keep in mind that women are naturally very concerned about their social status & value. It’s a big deal to them. She doesn’t want anyone to think of her as being a “slut.”

There could be another guy in her life she isn’t telling you about. She might have a lot at stake here, and she can’t afford to sleep with a guy who can’t keep a secret.

This is why you’ve got to let her know you are DISCREET. Tell a quick story that demonstrates you don’t “kiss and tell.”

I say something along the lines of:

“My friend Mike is so pissed. Last night he went out for drinks with his co-workers, and he ended up kissing a girl from the accounting department after everyone else left. And today when he got to his office, everyone was cracking jokes about it and busting Mike’s balls. It turns out the girl told everyone! Mike feels terrible about it because he’s got a serious girlfriend and now this crazy chick he works with is telling everyone they’re DATING, which is totally not true. I just think it’s so uncool when people kiss and tell, don’t you?”


“I did something the other night I probably shouldn’t have…I hooked up with one of my sister’s friends. It was just a casual, one-time thing. But then, the weirdest thing happened…the next night another one of her friends called me to hang out. Apparently she’d talked to the girl I slept with, and now SHE wanted to be with me. I was kind of flattered… but I don’t get why women have to tell everyone they know about something private that happened between two people. I’ve got some good stories (smile) but I always keep them to myself…”

This story communicates several things:

1 – I’m a mature guy who has a normal sex life and I know how it’s supposed to go when two people hook up. I don’t stalk women or get hung up on them. So, this girl doesn’t need to worry about any problems later if we hook up tonight.

2 – I value discretion. I think it’s very uncool when people share details with their friends about their intimate encounters.

3 – I’m a rock star in bed :) Obviously, all these girls who wanted to hang out with me heard some good things about my skills, right?

The cool thing is, I can communicate these three points — all of which say very positive things about me — without ever sounding like I’m trying to bring them up, or trying to impress my target.

At the same time, I’m overcoming her objections.

If we wind up having sex tonight, she knows I’m not the type of guy who is going to cause problems for her.

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Now let’s move on to the third objection (she likes you, and worries that if she has sex with you tonight you won’t want to see her again).

You can neutralize this the objection by playing up why the two of you will be hanging out in the future. It can make her feel more comfortable — knowing that it isn’t your intention to bang her and kick her to the curb.

Mention how the two of you are doing to do something together in the future. Make VAGUE suggestions that sound really fun.

If you find out you both like the same band, say something like “The next time they come here to do a show, you and me are totally going. I’m getting us tickets.”

Or, you tell her that you’re going to show her something: how to play guitar, how to surf, how to create a blog, whatever you’re into that she expresses interest in learning. This plan will probably never happen.

In fact, make up wild and crazy plans instead. The crazier these “plans” sound, the better they work — because she’ll be more likely to play along and say “sure, why not! Sounds great!” On a conscious level, she knows it will never actually happen — but on a subconscious level, she’s imagining doing these things with you and enjoying the fantasy.

Do some fun “role playing,” and you’ll build the idea in her mind that the two of you have a relationship that will go beyond tonight — even if you only met a half-hour ago.

What you’re doing here is injecting fun into the conversation in a huge way. The guy who makes her feel the most fun is usually the guy who has the best chance of taking her home.

Now, I mentioned earlier that there are 5 Objections you’ll want to overcome. I gave you three of them.

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Dean Cortez

Dean Cortez is a men’s dating expert and author of the new The One Night Stands Playbookwatch his free video here.