Oops, I pissed Barry Kooky Kirky off again!

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I made it on Barry Kooky Kirky’s Radio Show for the second time boys and girls!

I’m a fucking celebrity!!!

If you missed it (which I’m sure everyone did), he also ranted about me in his first episode several months back.

I actually went as far as recording a response to it but I cared so little I didn’t even get around to posting it. Maybe for shits and giggles I’ll dig it up and post it later this week. Maybe I’ll also respond to this one too. You can subscribe to my site if you want to make sure you don’t miss it.

What was my offense for getting a vicious Extramask tongue lashing?!?

Apparently it was my post about him exposing Thundercats real name.

I have yet to listen to it but below is his description:

* Mack Tight says I broke the “Pickup Code”. Can you get any more gay?

I hope he really gives me hell in it!
I hope he calls me a “motherfucker”!
I shouldn’t get my hopes up, but if he calls me a “cunt” I’m taking tomorrow off from work and celebrating!

In fact, if he calls me a “cunt” I will buy everyone who meets me in Milwaukee tomorrow a fucking beer to celebrate! BALLIN’!!!

If he actually has the decency to mention my website domain in it, I may link to the podcast later.

As for the Kookster, if you want to have a slumber party in Kirky’s house and do childish pranks like throw stink bombs and let birds out in stores, check out a Kooky Kirky Komedy Kamp!

Just imagine the great stories you’ll have to share with the women you meet in the future!!!

You: “Hey girl, I got a thrilling story for you. Me and some friends went to a crowded store and THREW SOME STINK BOMBS!!! It was krazaaaay!”

Girl: “Was this back when you were in 3rd grade or something?”

You: “No, this happened last weekend. Oh yeah, I also paid those “friends” $3000 to hang with me for the weekend too.”


Oh no, I think I’m being possessed by the Kookster himself!!!

…ooouuk…. eeeeerrrr….

Guys, I need to stop this post real soon. I mean, I got another insurance job I gotta go to! I need to end this post now so I have time to post it. I wish I could spend 3 hours typing this post but I can’t set here and type this post all fucking day!!!

I gotta take a shit.


It’s fucking hot in here, I can’t open the window because it is loud outside and I don’t have a fan! I’m going to take off my shirt guys because it is so hot, how gay is that?


“I live the life of a rockstar!” “Hi, I’m David DeAngelo” “I live the life of a rockstar!” “Hi, I’m David DeAngelo” “I live the life of a rockstar!” “Hi, I’m David DeAngelo” “I live the life of a rockstar!” “Hi, I’m David DeAngelo” “I live the life of a rockstar!” etc, etc, etc, etc…..

Let me give you the daily Kookster masturbation update…

…oooohhh …. errrrr….

What the fuck just happened to me?

Anyway, Howard Stern watch out; the Kookster has you in his sights!!!

He paid someone on Yahoo! Answers $5 to find out the demographics of your ratings!!!

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  • lansing
    July 31st, 2008 at 11:19 am

    Go on his show dude. He has invited you a few times. Would be fun to hear you

  • Dr. Pepsi
    August 1st, 2008 at 6:00 am

    Mack Tight is a faggot.

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