Oprah is the queen of chick crack

The seduction community has helped me understand women. I now know why they do what they do.

I even understand why they watch chick flicks. The make-believe aspect of those movies make them feel good.

There is still one thing women love that I cannot seem to comprehend and that is…


When I talk to my mom on the phone she mentions something that was on the Oprah show at least once.

I have one friend in which the highlight of her life was watching an Oprah show in person.

I really don’t understand her appeal.

She bores me to tears.

The episodes that I hear the most about are the “Oprah’s favorite things” episodes.

Oprah basically pimps a bunch of products on the show and then gives them to the audience members.

My mom will not shut up about the one where she gave cars to the audience.

Whoopity shit!!!

Anyhow, here’s a video from last week where the audience members went batshit after Oprah announces it is going to be one of her favorite things episodes:

crazy crying woman on oprahFucking hilarious!!!

These grown women are covering their faces with their hands, screaming, fanning themselves, jumping around like rabbits and even CRYING.

It is crazier than when the Beatles did the Ed Sullivan Show for the first time!!!

confused dude on oprahMy favorite is the lone guy at the :48 second mark who seems generally confused by it all but figures he should clap and smile anyway.

There’s no denying that Oprah is the queen of chick crack. She definitely knows how to entertain women.

If I could bring myself around to watching her show it is quite possible that I could actually learn something from her…

…but that day will never come as long as I have two balls and a cock.