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Sinn’s Lay Report Book is now available through this link…

To clear any confusion, the link is to a site owned by Savoy of Love Systems who appears to be handling the sale and distribution of the book.

The Lay Report Book includes 300 pages of detailed lay reports (go figure :) ) by Sinn, J-Dog, Mehow, Savoy, Brad P, AFC Adam Lyons, IN10SE, Sean Messenger, Speer, Doc Holliday, Entropy, Captain Jack and The Don.

The lay reports are split into the following categories: dates, same night lays (SNL), threesomes, in venue lays, day game and the internet.

In addition, you will get three bonuses including “The Best of Sinns of Attraction” ebook, “Crippling Approach Anxiety” audio program and “How to Escalate Like A Master” audio program.

Click here to be one of the first to order the lay report book…

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