How To Overcome Last Minute Resistance

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Here’s a story by Ross Jeffries, creator of Speed Seduction®, about how he overcome last minute resistance with a girl by putting his clothes BACK ON

It’s full of Ross’s patented lurid juvenile slang that we all know and love… I think the highlights in this one are “Willy Wonka Wrapper” and “Turgid Meat-Pole”

Of note, this is the first time I’ve seen him refer to himself as “PR” instead of “RJ”… in case you didn’t know, his real name is actually Paul Ross and not Ross Jeffries…


“My Boyfriend, She Cried … Until I Put ON My Clothes!”
by Ross Jeffries

Ross JeffriesDear Speed Seduction® Student,

One of the ideas I keep returning to is this: “I seldom take a woman’s first response to me as written in stone. It is almost always just a reflection of what she is thinking, feeling or believing in that moment, and almost always subject to change.”

Now, this idea is central to my skills with women, and not just in the initial approach.

It also applies to that dreaded but common female syndrome: Last Minute Resistance (or LMR).

(If you’ve ever been getting it on with a girl, making out like crazy and suddenly she appears to grow fearful, cold or uncertain and stops you with a “This is going too fast” or something along those lines, you’ve experienced LMR.)

I Had Her Buck-Naked, And Dripping Like A Leaky Pipe,
When She Suddenly Brought Up The “Boyfriend”

So let me tell you about this one weekend where I had a lovely lady in my hotel room and we were both in our birthday suits getting all hot and bothered.

I pulled her to the corner of the bed, slid on my “Willy Wonka Wrapper” and had her legs in the air when she pushed me away and said, “No … My boyfriend. I just can’t do this to him.”

Now, listen: I had no idea this lovely lass even had a “boyfriend” as it had never even come up before this moment. So all of you absolute moralists who want to write me hate mail, feel free-but you are as wet as she was on this one.

What I Did With Her “LMR” That Had Her Hopping
On My Turgid Meat-Pole

Immediately, I stopped what I was doing and lay down on the opposite side of the bed from her, to give her some space and diffuse her discomfort.

“Hey, I understand,” I said. “I don’t want to do anything that we aren’t both comfortable with and I want you to be certain, YOU WANT TO DO THIS.

(By the way, I meant that. If she was not certain, I was no longer interested. I never force, pressure or push women - it’s disgusting and low-class. I’m a seducer, not a brute.)

Then a thought hit me.

“How about if I put on my shorts? That should take off the pressure” I said.

So I jumped up and dramatically pulled on my boxers, which got a laugh.

“Tell you what, let me get dressed completely.”

And that’s what I did. I got fully dressed then lay down on the bed, while she was laughing hysterically the entire time.

“Wait a sec,” I said. “Let me put on my coat. That should help you feel extra secure.”

So I did exactly that, and buttoned it up too.

By this time she was in hysterics, laughing. She kept saying, “Stop, stop! You can take your clothes off if you want.”

But I wasn’t done.

“Let me put on an EXTRA pair of pants. That will really render my cock harmless.”

And that’s what I did - I took a pair of pants I had draped on the couch and pulled them over my jeans.

“There,” I continued. “Now you are really safe. But I’ll get under the covers while YOU stay above the covers and don’t think about sex.”

At this point she was crying with laughter and said, “You are sooo funny. God, I’m turned on again.”

Then She Did Something That Shocked Me

In between gasps of laughter she managed to blurt out, “This is really turning me on.”

Then, I kid you not, she spread her legs wide, spit on her fingers, and diddled herself dripping until she moaned out, “Fuck me”.

And so I did – after all, a gentleman doesn’t refuse a lady’s amorous requests, however crudely worded.

What Are The Lessons You Should Learn

Let me summarize the essence of my adventure:

1. Sometimes a woman’s objections may feel very real to her. I don’t think this girl was faking her temporary distress.
2. If she is uncomfortable at any point, don’t go pressing on. Pressure is for brutes and the clueless. Stop and give her space, physically and emotionally. Seducers NEVER pressure, although we do test boundaries. The difference can be subtle but the difference is sometimes quite clear.
3. A master seducer improvises. I had not ever used the “put your clothes on in exaggerated fashion” move before.
4. By taking her need for safety and exaggerating my response, it allowed her to dis-appate her anxiety through laughing her ass off.
5. Fractionating a girl between starting and stopping and starting and stopping really works. If you don’t do it, she’ll often do it to herself and stop herself. Throw laughter into the mix and you have a potent poonani pulling cocktail.
6. “Boyfriends” often mean next-to-nothing.

Peace and piece,

PR (aka RJ)

P.S. From now on, forget about ever again being confused by a woman’s emotional 180s, her fluctuations between wanting you and pushing you away, her last minute buyers remorse, contradictory signals, sudden loss of interest and other up until now deeply frustrating and seemingly irrational actions.Vault

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