Overcome approach anxiety by pumping your physical and mental state

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I was out with a friend recently and he decided he wanted to approach a girl in a club. I could tell he was plagued by approach anxiety. After about 30 seconds he did something that I have never seen a man do in the field.

He started jogging in place and jumping up and down. He looked like a boxer before a match. He looked like the robot football player you see during Fox NFL games leading into and out of commercials.

After ten seconds of this he went and opened the set.

Not only did he overcome his anxiety, he also entered the set with a heightened energy level.

It reminded me of in The Game where Tyler and Papa of Real Social Dynamics would make their Boot Camp clients run around the couch to pump them up before the seminar and going out.

I was out with some wings recently and I was extremely drained. My energy level was at a 1. I didn’t feel like sarging and felt more like going home and watching TV.

I decided to excuse myself from the group and went into a quiet corner of the club. I then started pumping myself up. I started jogging in place, shadowboxing and talking to myself in my head.

“Mack you can fucking do this. Get your ass up and quit being a bitch!”

I could feel the adrenaline start pumping. I felt like the Terminator switching from a depleted battery to a fresh secondary battery.

I rejoined my group as a new person. I had a smile on my face and felt more comfortable about opening sets.

Maybe for you it is singing along to one of your favorite songs.  Whatever it may be, if there is something simple that you can do to put yourself in-state when you are out of state take full advantage of it.

If you are looking for more information on approaching women and overcoming anxiety I recommend checking out the Art of Approaching.

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