How To Overcome the “Victim Mentality”

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Are you a victim of the “Victim Mentality”?

Can you not get laid because you are too short? Too tall? Too bald? Too old? Not rich?

I get guys contacting me all the time with questions like “isn’t it true that women prefer tall guys?”

I used to spend a half hour writing a decisive reply destroying their ploy for playing the “victim card”.

I don’t do that any more, because they will find another reason that they are a victim. “Ok, you’re right, short guys like me still get laid. But I’m a poor college student. Isn’t it true girls want rich dudes?”

sexy dallas cowboys cheerleaderIt’s a never ending barrage of bullshit excuses!

Let me put it into a different perspective for you. Last Saturday, the Detroit Lions played the Dallas Cowboys in a NFL playoff game. The Cowboys won 24-20. There was a bad call made by the referees. What should have been a first down became a fourth down. People have been up in arms for the past two days about it. The referees COST the Lions the game!

That’s bullshit! That’s following the victim mentality.

I’m not saying the referees were great. In fact, I think the NFL should do something to prevent bad calls like that in the future. What I’m saying is the Lions COST themselves the game!

Life is not fair. All cards will not fall your way. You will face adversary. You will sometimes be disadvantaged and there will nothing that you can do about it. But you have to suck it up buttercup!

Maybe the Lions did get screwed on that one play. But they could have easily made up for it with previous and subsequent plays. Instead, they turned over the ball and didn’t convert on offense.

Similarly, you may be deemed “less attractive” to some women because of your age, height, and wealth. But you can make up for it by being a dynamic, humorous, engaging, seductive, socially-suave individual.

Stop taking the easy route. Stop passing blame. Stop pretending you’re the victim.

Start taking action in your life. Start out by watching this free video on how to become more attractive to women.

Suck it up buttercup!

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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