Overview of Monthly Dating Subscription Programs For Men

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Monthly subscription programs and membership sites are the big rage as of lately…

Almost every dating instructor or company has one.

Basically you get billed a monthly fee of $20-$100 and get exclusive access to audio, videos, forums, coaching and written materials.

The material is usually quite current and topical…

Some may loathe the idea of another monthly bill to pay while others will applaud the idea of getting new material every month at a reasonable price with no contracts, stop at any time. They would rather do this than pay $500 for a program all at one time that might be obsolete 10 months from now.

For those who prefer the latter, here’s a breakdown of ten popular monthly dating subscription programs for men…
David Deangelo’s Double Your Dating Interviews With Dating Gurus

David D was probably one of the first to go the subscription route. With this subscription every month you will get mailed a CD with David DeAngelo interviewing a different pickup guru, dating coach, etc.

His past interviews have ran the gambit from Mystery to Tucker Max. I’ve heard several of these CDs and they are usually very good and a great way to find an instructor that best matches your needs.

If you purchase the David Deangelo Double Your Dating ebook, you will get two past interviews and the most current interview for at no additional cost… The total cost for the complete package is the same as for just the current interview so this is by far the best way to go if you want to join this program…

Click here to get the DYD ebook and join his interview series now…
Vin DiCarlo Mastermind

I’ll be completely honest… I don’t know a whole lot about Vin’s Mastermind program.

I do know that each month they cover a newly conceived theory or concept. I also believe that you get both digital ebooks and physical CDs with this program.

You can get your first month at no additional cost when you purchase Vin’s The Attraction Code ebook. This is the cheapest way to start your subscription because the ebook is cheaper than a typical month of the program.

Click here to get it now…
Love Systems Interview Series (LSIVS)

Each month you will receive a new digital audio interview done with different Love Systems instructors (i.e. Savoy, The Don, Cajun) or other instructors typically associated with Love Systems (i.e. Brad P, Badboy, Sinn).

Each month there is a different topic and either one instructor plays the part of the interviewer or they just have an open round-robin discussion with each instructor giving their own personal advice.

I’ve listened to a few of these and they all have been very good and packed with a lot of solid info, no fluff and meaningless banter.

In fact you can listen to the first 10 minutes of all the previous interviews at no cost by clicking here

You can start your subscription by clicking here…
David Wygant Community

David Wygant’s Community allows you access to a membership site where you can watch exclusive videos, listen to audio, ask DW and his instructors questions and participate in their private forum.

There are two membership levels to join at, a silver membership which is cheaper but has less material, and a platinum membership which is more but has it all…

Join David’s Community by clicking here…
Conquer Your Campus Inner Circle

CYC IC is a subscription program geared toward college students where each month you receive an interview with a different “king of the campus” from different universities.

Mark Redman and Christian Hudson get the guy to give all his secrets on how to become the most popular man on campus and score the hottest college chicks.

In addition you will receive access to an exclusive blog with new articles by Mark added each month.

You can start your subscription by purchasing the Conquer Your Campus program and you will get the first month and 3 previous interviews at no additional cost to you…

Click here to join…
Ross Jeffries Speed Seduction Coaching Program

In this program you will get monthly advice and coaching from Ross Jeffries to help you become better with women.

The first month is just $1… so join now…

Learn more by clicking here…
Brad P’s 30/30 Club

This is a 12 month program where the goal is for you to do 30 approaches every 30 days.

Over the course of the program you get over 50 CDs and books from Brad, personalized coaching and more.

Unfortunately, the club is currently closed so I recommend you check out his Adventures of Brad P book in the mean time and then he will notify you when it is open again…
RSD Mastermind

This is Real Social Dynamics monthly program. Each month you’ll get a CD mailed to you with the audio from a seminar taught by one of their instructors.

Click here to subscribe to it…
Hidden Mic Pickups

This program by Christian Hudson provides monthly hidden audio recordings from infield interactions with women.

Click here to learn more...


There you go! This is by no means a complete list but merely the ones I could come up with off the top of my head.

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  • Hammer
    April 3rd, 2009 at 7:30 am

    Sinn also has a “Silver” package to his inner circle that’s like $60 a month or something.

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