Open women by being the bar bully

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Style once said that everything that was funny in third grade is funny again when interacting with women.

I was out with Vedran last night and he proved that everything the second grade bully did to you is productive when interacting with women.

When I was in second grade; I brought a purple straw cowboy hat to school (early peacocking?) The class bully took the hat off my head, put it on his and ran away with it.

Last night Vedran picked out the hottest girl in the bar with a hat on. He took her hat and in an overly-animated fashion ran away from her.

If he would have taken her purse it would have been another story, but taking her hat and wearing it was so childish that she couldn’t help but smile and talk to him after chasing him down and wrestling her hat back from him.

He ended up number closing and lining up day twos with a couple of them.

I’ve also seen him open women by sticking his tongue out at them and by throwing stuff at them. I’ve found calling a woman a “dork” or a “doofus” is very effective if done in a playful matter.

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Thank God, finally got rid of the pink text on their posts!

I like their new layout. I think their podcast is one of, if not the best one related to seduction and pick up. I only wish they were more frequent.

Create a Reality Pick up instead of a Fantasy Football league

Two years ago I was addicted to fantasy football. I spent at least a half hour a day analyzing stats and reading team news to create and maintain the best team that I could. It was fun and competitive. I looked forward to watching the games on Sundays. I felt a sense of accomplishment when my players’ made a lot of points.

My team was number one going into the playoffs.

Then I lost in the first round to the shittiest team!

I was pissed. I spent 100+ hours and had nothing to show for it. I learned nothing that could be applied to the real world. Like watching a Pauly Shore movie marathon; I would never get those hours back.

Last year I fended off multiple offers from close friends to join their leagues and decided to spend the time improving myself with women. On Mondays I would read posts and material. On Tuesdays I would go to the local college sporting event and sarge. On Sundays I would sarge the women at the mall while the guys were all home watching football.

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Tapping, humming, and talking yourself out of approach anxiety

I stumbled across this video on YouTube about overcoming approach anxiety. I found it on the bizarre side.

I’m not familiar with this PUA named Magnus. You can find out more about him, his techniques and get his ebook at his site Inner Game Tapping.

What I like about pick up teachers like Mystery, Style and Juggler is that they explain with logic the reasons and concepts behind things that seem illogical to me regarding women and the way they act and think.

On the contrary, it seems illogical to me that rolling my eyes, humming, talking to myself, and tapping my body is going to make me overcome approach anxiety. Maybe I need Mystery to explain it to me.

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VH1’s The Pickup Artist premiere ratings are disappointing

USA Today released last weeks cable ratings highs and lows and based on my impression, they were not too good for Mystery’s new show:

“The premiere of L.A. Ink scored 2.8 million viewers …Sunday’s Flavor Flav Roast drew 3.8 million viewers…MTV’s The Real World: Sydney had a slow start with 1.6 million Wednesday, and VH1’s Pickup Artist drew 673,000 Monday…Sci Fi Channel’s Flash Gordon remake did better with 2.1 million Friday. ”

Flash fucking Gordon had three times the viewers on a Friday, what the fuck is this world coming to?!?  Trust me all you Sci-Fi geeks; your time would be better spent watching and learning from The Pickup Artist.  You may even end up trading in your box of 20-sided dice for a box of condoms.

Everyone please tell your friends to watch next Monday, especially if they have a Nielson box!

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