Could they create at least one TV show or movie that consistently has “balls”?

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In my path to become better with women I decided to limit my TV and movie watching. It was excessive and unproductive.

I think watching a half hour or hour of television a few times a week is perfectly fine. I try to find shows that motivate me.

I used to like Entourage. The first season and a half was amazing. The tenth overall episode, “My Maserati Does 185″, was priceless.

Then Vinnie got oneitis over Mandy Moore. I stuck through it until about the fifteenth episode of season three.

I couldn’t take it any more. It jumped the shark for me. Here are some of my issues with it at that time:

  • All gratuitous nudity was eliminated from the show. It’s a show geared toward men that airs on HBO but there’s no tits or ass?!? What the fuck!!!
  • Turtle got oneitis for a mechanic girl
  • Ari goes from a scummy cheating dirtbag to a pussy-whipped family man who is a little bitch
  • The episode with the plot that focused too much on an expensive pair of limited shoes for Turtle. Wouldn’t that be a plot more suited for “Sex in the City”?

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VH1 releases “The Pick Up Artist” season average ratings

In a press release this morning trumpeting the success of the “Rock of Love” finale VH1 released the season average ratings for their four summer original series.

Unfortunately, “The Pickup Artist” is on the ass end:

– Throughout the quarter, “Rock of Love with Bret Michaels” averaged a 1.4 P18-49 demo rating and consistently ranked among the top programs on all of cable on Sundays. Overall, the series averaged 2.1 million total viewers.

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It happened: we got called out on being “pick up artists” like on that VH1 show

I knew ahead of time that VH1’s “The Pick Up Artist” was going to raise awareness of the seduction community. I thought it might become an issue in Los Angeles or Miami but I naively thought that we would be immune from it in Milwaukee. I guess I must have thought that no one watched VH1 in Milwaukee or something. Yes, I am stupid at times.

Last night was the first night Vedran and I sarged together for about a month. A two-set was opened and after talking to the target for almost ten minutes, the other girl chimed in about the person being a “pick up artist” like on the VH1 show. It lead to the demise of that approach.

I was a moron for not thinking about dealing with such a situation before this. Even if it wasn’t for the VH1 show this day would still come eventually.

Sure you can just move on to the next set and venue. But it got me to think what about the opening and later conversation allowed this woman to know that we studied pick up. Also, how should you deal with such an issue when it happens again.

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How To Get A Balkan Woman

Greetings everyone here from Croatia, where I have been for about the past three weeks. The weather is beautiful as are the women. As many of you know, I am from this country, but have never sarged here before until I came back. So a few days ago, I walked into a random bar with my uncle (who despite being married has shagged over thirty women). I see a waitress that I like and open the set. The structure of the set should be just like any woman you would open in the states. However, to be successful in bagging a Balkan woman, here are a few pointers:

  • When she is giving her IOIs, make sure to give her just as many as she is giving you. Though the game is almost the same, it is a tad bit different. Women here are a little more oppressed by males, so therefore exchanging pleasantries is vital.
  • Buy her a drink! I know that this sounds ludicrous, but if you are from a foreign country and obviously a little better off than the rest of the folks here and have more money, the woman probably instinctively wants you to buy her a drink. My uncle taught me this. He understands the game as well as most anyone that I have ever met. So therefore the next time I ordered myself a drink, I made sure to ask her what she wants to drink also. This worked wonderfully.

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The Daily Sarge: “The Onion” for Pick Up Artists

I live in Milwaukee, one of the ten cities where you can find the print edition of “The Onion” on every street corner for free. In fact it originated just an hour away from here in Madison and was headquartered there up until 2001.

You would think I’d be biased toward it but to be honest I do not find it the least bit entertaining.

About 10% of the fake article ideas are amusing at first but even those few get tiresome after reading past the first few sentences.

I love the seduction community but you have to admit it opens itself as an easy target for mockery and ridicule by its nature.

Someone decided to take advantage of those opportunities and create a blog with fake pick up news named The Daily Sarge.

It is more amusing to me than The Onion ever will. It is updated quite frequently. I seriously wonder how long it can go for before it starts getting a bit repetitive. There are only so many peacocking, negging and boot camp jokes that you can do before it gets old.

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