VH1 “The Pick Up Artist” Ratings and Reviews Update

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Previously I was concerned about The Pick Up Artist ratings, but things are looking better based on Thundercat’s recent post.   Apparently there is already talks of another season and/or a spin-off.

I personally am having a problem getting into the show.   90% of the screen time is devoted to the contestants and I find them all quite annoying.  Mystery is a very captivating speaker and is truly a leader in the field of seduction if not the best but he is watered down in this show.  Matador and J Dog seem like they would be interesting if they were allowed to speak.  Instead we get an hour of Pradeep whining like a bitch and Kosmo acting like a fucking spazz.

Each episode Mystery introduces a new pick up concept that I am already familiar with.  You get random bits and pieces of the students learning the technique but you get more of the students talking to the camera about how powerful and amazing the technique is.  No shit.

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A Special Thanks to UndergroundAttraction.com

I want to thank UndergroundAttraction.com for submitting my “opening women by being the bar bully” post to Netscape.

I want to also thank all those who have already voted for it (please vote for it if you haven’t yet).

It’s hard starting out a new blog and I appreciate everyone’s support (including V from BecomingAPUA.com and Michael Stoute from TheSeductionBible.com for leaving comments) .

We’re still getting established but I eventually would like to build relations and alliances with other bloggers when the time is appropriate.

I will definitely say that I will do my part to return any favors done to me and then some.  Similarly, I will eventually quit promoting sites that I do not get any correspondence back from.

It’s casual,

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Viva Viagra?!? Could erectile dysfunction ads get any more pathetic?

I understand Axe body spray ads. The target audience is young AFC heterosexual males.

The ads involve some Joe Schmoe applying Axe and hordes of hot women jumping out of the bushes to rape him.

I don’t buy the shit but it seems like a smart ad based on the target audience.

I’m not a middle-aged man battling erectile dysfunction, but I think a Viagra ad similar to the Axe ads would be highly effective.

Maybe a middle-aged man in an office popping a blue pill just before his young voluptuous secretary comes in for a meeting with him. She unbuttons a couple of her top buttons on her blouse as he shuts the door behind her with a devilish grin and closes the blinds.

Instead we get this:

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Open women by being the bar bully

Style once said that everything that was funny in third grade is funny again when interacting with women.

I was out with Vedran last night and he proved that everything the second grade bully did to you is productive when interacting with women.

When I was in second grade; I brought a purple straw cowboy hat to school (early peacocking?) The class bully took the hat off my head, put it on his and ran away with it.

Last night Vedran picked out the hottest girl in the bar with a hat on. He took her hat and in an overly-animated fashion ran away from her.

If he would have taken her purse it would have been another story, but taking her hat and wearing it was so childish that she couldn’t help but smile and talk to him after chasing him down and wrestling her hat back from him.

He ended up number closing and lining up day twos with a couple of them.

I’ve also seen him open women by sticking his tongue out at them and by throwing stuff at them. I’ve found calling a woman a “dork” or a “doofus” is very effective if done in a playful matter.

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TheSeductionBible.com: the pink finally got sinked

Thank God, TheSeductionBible.com finally got rid of the pink text on their posts!

I like their new layout. I think their podcast is one of, if not the best one related to seduction and pick up. I only wish they were more frequent.