How To Escape The “Echo Chamber” Of Your Mind (RSD Julien & RSD Tyler)

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RSD Julien Blanc is an instructor for Real Social Dynamics. Owen Cook AKA RSD Tyler is the co-creator & co-owner of Real Social Dynamics. They teach self-help and dating advice to men.

In this video, they talk about escaping the closed vacuum in your mind. Challenge yourself by taking in some new perspectives that just don’t echo your current views and opinions. When you do this, you can learn to grow and advance.

Here’s the video. I’ll share my opinions below.

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Elixor Of Eros REVIEW ~ Download PDF System?

Dating coach Mike Wright has a new program called the Elixor Of Eros System.

Elixor Of Eros teaches men “chase triggers”. These triggers are supposed to make women pursue them to have sex.

That sounds kick ass. What straight male wouldn’t want hot women begging them to sleep with them? But is it just a bunch of bullshit? And if not, is it worth the price?

Elixor Of Eros Review

The Elixor Of Eros is a video, audio and PDF program. It is fairly reasonable in price for what you all get (this is currently the lowest offered price). There’s also a monthly subscription program called “The Pursuit Institute” to continue your learning.

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RSD Jeffy Allen Talks About The Death Of His Dad (VIDEO)

Jeff Allen is a dating instructor for Real Social Dynamics. He also goes by the names “RSD Jeffy” and “jlaix”. He’s usually quite humorous and boisterous. But he recently posted a rather somber and vulnerable video about the death of his dad.

Jeff wrote about his dad in his autobiographical book “Get Laid Or Die Trying“. In my opinion, Jeff described him as being hard to please and a bit of an asshole. Things went nuclear when Jeff’s mom told his dad that she was leaving him for another man. Jeff’s dad apparently kidnapped his wife and her new boyfriend and held them hostage using a shotgun. Ultimately, his dad went to jail for 6 years. Jeff says he hadn’t talked to his dad in 25 years.

That brings you up to speed for this video. Jeff rightfully gets emotional at times in it. It struck a chord with me that I will discuss below.

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5 Steps To Approaching A Woman In The Street

Here’s dating expert Matt Eastwood with his simple guide for how a beginner daygamer can approach a woman in the street.

He says that men have the tendency to look sloppy, uncalibrated and makes a bad first impression with they first begin trying to talk to girls during the day.

To avoid that, he suggests following these 5 simple steps to approaching a woman in the street.

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How Facebook Makes You MISERABLE..

Facebook can make you MISERABLE. So suggests a study from the University of Copenhagen.

According to this BBC article, excessive social media use can create feelings of envy and depression. They particularly take aim at “lurking”.

Let’s face it, people jump at the chance to makes status updates about themselves partying, buying new cars, getting job promotions, and traveling. It creates “unrealistic social comparisons”. Basically, you compare your life to their “portrayed” life and you end up feeling like shit.

Any time you compare your life to someone else’s, it’s a losing battle. You need to only focus on your own life and doing what you can to better it.

The study suggests using social media to interact and not “lurk”. That makes sense. The same goes for real life. If you go to a night club, interact with others. Don’t be the creepy guy by himself in the corner gawking at everyone.

The moral of the story is to:

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