Papa from Real Social Dynamics gets all the girls!!!

Now that Tyler is going into the background of Real Social Dynamics I guess it is time for Papa to step foot in the limelight a little more.

I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Papa because he went to college in Wisconsin just like myself… but uggggghh!!!

Not another pointless video collage of a guru with random chicks…

How much time and effort did they spend on this?

What are these pictures supposed to prove?!?

Am I supposed to think Papa is a big stud because he has a picture with the old bushy haired British guy from Virgin who had the failed “The Apprentice” reality show rip-off?

Was that one girl Tara fucking Reid? Where did he find her, at the unemployment office?

If you don’t have enough pictures with women to last a five minute song that’s cool, just show us random pictures from Maxim or Playboy or end it early. Just don’t waste my time showing me you with Tara Reid’s clone three fucking times!

I’m just plain sick of gurus trying to seek validation from me by making videos or posting pictures of them with women. I used to do shit like that when I was an AFC.

I’ve never even heard Papa talk. If I can see video or hear you talk unscripted with someone I can usually tell if you got game.

Until then, you can show me a picture with your tongue down Jessica Alba’s throat and I still won’t give a rat’s ass.