Paul Janka on The Today Show

Paul Janka is the author of the Attraction Formula and Paul Janka Day Game.

Here’s the video of him on the Today Show:

I love the headers they have. Doesn’t “The Serial Dater” sound a lot like “The Serial Killer” or “The Serial Rapist“? Another header labels him “self-proclaimed “Casanova”” followed by “Inside the Mind of a Casanova“; it sure seems like THEY are proclaiming him a Casanova too!

First we had Paul Janka on Dr. Phil and now he is interviewed by Meredith Vieira. What’s next for Paul Janka… OPRAH?!?

Believe me, you may think that these guys going on these shows is harmful to them and the PUA community but these appearances MAKE these guys legendary and give them credibility which all eventually filters to their pocketbook. Whoever Paul Janka’s PR guy is deserves a fucking raise!

I once had beef with Neil Strauss going on The View but it sure seems like whoring out the community is in vogue lately. I guess if you don’t whore it out yourself and make some bank from doing it then the next asshole in line will whore it out for you and make fat cash.

Paul Janka Day GameFuck Paul Janka… MACK TIGHT IS GOING ON OPRAH TO SPILL HIS GUTS ON THE PUA COMMUNITY BABY!!! I’ll go on there and make Tom Cruise seem sane! Fuck couches, I’ll be jumping up and down on Oprah’s ass!

Paul Janka is referred to as “the king of day game” so fittingly he has just released the “Day Game: Secrets to Meeting Women” audio program. Order your copy by clicking here…

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