Peacocking is only effective if you have already developed your game

One of the first things Mystery had the contestants in “The Pickup Artist” do was go shopping to “create an avatar”. Basically he wanted these bland guys to dress more colorful. Such is peacocking.

I think peacocking is a great concept that is effective. The problem I had was that Mystery spent too much time too early on it.

You should first develop the verbal skills necessary to create attraction with a woman. I know that buying and wearing clothes and accessories that stand out is easy to do and newbies are more apt to do something that is easy. Overcoming approach anxiety, dealing with rejection and “beginner’s hell” in general is hard. But the harder things to do are the most essential things toward becoming better with women.

Here is an example:

I consider having a fancy car a form of peacocking. When I was 23 I bought a new red Mustang convertible. I had delusional dreams that women would be hopping in my car and fucking me at every stoplight. That wasn’t the case.

Women did comment to me about the car. I usually shyly just said “thanks” to their complements and sped off. I did not have the skills and knowledge to take advantage of the opportunity that my car had gave me with women.

The same goes for wearing peacocking clothes. Women will come up to you and make comments to you. If you do not have the knowledge and experience to turn her approach into your close then it is a waste.

Rather than going to some boutique when you are starting out, I instead recommend that you get Art of Approaching and read it. Use what you learn from it as a foundation to start meeting and approaching women. Once you have solidified your skills then you can go shopping for peacocking gear and use it to your advantage.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with wearing peacocking clothes prior to becoming a true pick up artist. Just do not think that wearing some loud shirts, random jewelry, piercing your body and dying your hair colors is going to get you laid alone.

My Mustang never got me laid. It did create opportunities and I used these opportunities to get laid. Now I do not need a convertible; I create my own opportunities that get me laid.

It’s casual,

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