Peacocking Mentioned in Zac Efron’s “17 Again” Movie

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I saw the Zac Efron movie “17 Again” this week. It dragged out too long and was very formulaic but it did have one cool part…


They had the guy who plays the gay cop on Reno 911! hitting on the hot actress who plays Jan on The Office. He wears an outfit that is a rip-off of Mystery and even refers to what he is doing as “peacocking”…

When he gets into Jan’s office, she immediately calls him out by saying “Are you trying to peacock?”

Sure, maybe it’s another example of people in Hollywood mocking pick up artists, but it is still kind of cool to hear a pick up artist term in a mainstream movie like this!

I’m still waiting for Mystery to do a cameo in a movie. I just hope it isn’t in one of those horrendously unfunny Scary/Date/Disaster/Superhero Movies…

Hey Hollywood, I have a pick up artist blog and mock your shitty movies… touché mofos!

Speaking of Mystery, check out his Venusian Arts Ebook if you yet haven’t…

Peacocking in 17 Again Movie

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