Can you really enlarge your penis?

I must get at least a 100 spam messages a week pushing penis enlargement products. I’m not self-conscious about my penis length or girth but apparently a lot of guys are or these spammers wouldn’t be making any money.

I’m not going to lie or sugar-coat it: if you are blessed with an above average penis with all other things equal you will probably get more return business from women strictly seeking sex than a guy with a smaller than average penis. That being said, the previous statement is not going to be the situation that you are going to be in with women the majority of the time.

I also don’t think penis size should hinder you from getting to the first act of intimacy with any woman. She is probably not going to know the size of your penis until you are alone with her and at that point she is probably in the bag any how.

I think a bigger issue with not satisfying women is due to lack of experience, lack of technique or variety, overall selfishness and poor reading of your partner.

The number one cause of me not getting invited for return business with women when I was an AFC was because I consumed too much alcohol and had whiskey dick. It doesn’t matter how big or small your penis is if you can’t get it up. I couldn’t overcome approach anxiety without loading myself with alcohol and I couldn’t keep my dick hard when I was loaded with alcohol. It was like a person overcoming anorexia to later die from gross obesity.

As far as the crazy techniques people use to attempt to change their penis, they are all highly ineffective and in fact possibly dangerous or damaging.

I found the following video on YouTube that clearly talks about the techniques and problems with penis enlargement (video is NSFW). It made me apprehensive at first due to the lame graphics and the “doctor” looking and talking like he was straight from an infomercial. Once you put the amateurishness of the video aside, the content of the video is factual and solid.


Click here to view video (NSFW)


To sum it up: there is nothing practical that you can do to change your penis size. Most of the pills and products aren’t going to do shit but make your wallet lighter. On top of that, in 75% or more of the time with the situations you are in with women it is not going to be an issue. Stop worrying about your penis size and start focusing on things you can change like improving your game.

Now bring on the comment spam!