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A big problem that I had with my path to becoming better with women was sticking with it. I would get into ruts, become depressed and relapse back into my old ways. I would eventually get back around to it but I often found that I lost the progress that I previously made.

I also used to buy seduction books and products regularly. I felt good buying the products. The problem was that I was often too lazy to read or watch them.

I needed someone to push me and keep me on track in order to become better with women. The problem is most people, including your friends, do not want you to become better. The ones who did want me to get better I wouldn’t listen to. I needed someone whose only relationship with me was to “coach” me into becoming better with women.

The StyleLife Academy has an online coaching program but there is no personal interaction. No one is making sure you make progress. It isn’t much different than a book where you just have a different chapter to read each day. You have suggested missions that you are supposed to do but no one cares if you actually do them or not. The tasks are not tailored to your needs and if you want to interact with others you have to post on a forum and wait for a response.

David Wygant, a well known dating coach, has come up with a better solution. He has created a system where for a small monthly fee you will get continuous fresh videos, ebooks and personal help from him and his coaches. You can ask him for advice and he will make sure you are sticking with making progress. He calls it the Dating Wygant Community and you can sign up for it by clicking here….

It sounds like a great idea to me. It’s like you’ll have your own personal “Hitch”.

Click here to find out more details on this program and to register for it.

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  • Chucks
    January 29th, 2008 at 2:44 am

    Well, I hope you make good use of the advise given to you by your coach.

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