Phone and Text Game Routine - “Fortifying the Beaches”

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In Love Systems new book The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game, you can learn tricky phone and text game routines that will make girls’ phone numbers more solid. That means she’ll be more likely to respond to your first call or text message.

Here’s an example of a texting technique from the book. It’s called Fortifying The Beaches. Check it out below…


The first thing you need to do is get her phone number. So a few minutes after you get it, you continue the conversation.

A few minutes later you pretend you received a text message but you are actually going to send her a text message. The first text will be something playful and flirty. It can be something like:

“Hey this cute girl is talking to me, but I don’t know how to flirt with her. Help?”

If you can use any references to your conversation, that would be even better. This is also called callback humor which is more explored in the book.

In most cases the girl will check her phone and she will see you texted. Now you have to pretend like you know nothing about it and just keep the conversation going. She will usually text you back something funny and you can do this flirting back and forth while you both pretend nothing is happening.

What’s great about this is you already have a bunch of text messages going back and forth with her even before you two go separate ways. So the next day when you text her, you don’t start cold because you two have already communicated over text.

This technique will make a lot of your phone numbers solid. The girls are more likely to respond to your initial text message the next day.

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