Physical Issue or Confidence Issue?

Roosh is the author of the popular men’s dating advice ebook Roosh Bang. In this Q&A article Roosh calls out a reader for making excuses instead of taking action…

Here’s a question I recently received that I wanted to share with everyone…


I want to tell you a little about myself. I am 27 years old, divorced, with a son. I got married 7 years ago because my girlfriend got pregnant. DNA testing from the divorce ruled me out as being the father of my daughter. I am back in college and living with my grandparents.

My biggest problem is sweating. The strong deodorants don’t work and the medication that keeps me from sweating is too expensive because it isn’t for sweating but for stomach ulcers. I am writing you because I dig your stuff and I recently bought your book. Seriously, I have to study a lot and I am currently in summer school. I need help, and I totally dig a lot of the things that you say and your history. I like that you are an intellectual. The bottom line: I need help with my game, but I don’t want to sacrifice my GPA and ruin my chances of getting into grad school.

I talked to Neil Strauss in Chicago about how sweating has kept me out of the game, and he said to make up some story if someone asks about how I did some research and I found that men who sweat have higher levels of testosterone. That is easier said than done and hugely embarrassing.

I don’t have much money, but if you are putting on anymore workshops after you get back from traveling then I would like to know. I get so fucking depressed and I feel like a loser. I have definitely reached that point on more than one occasion where I thought that life just wasn’t worth it. I want to change Roosh, and I would like it if you could help me.”

My Answer:

First, thanks for buying my book Bang.

Your issue is not sweating but confidence. I sweat like a fucking pig (it runs in the family), especially my hands. Most girls I date have made comments on it and I tell them I’m thankful I sweat because I never need lotion, which will end up saving me thousands of dollars during my lifetime. I can’t wear grey shirts because of pit sweat. My nose and forehead is often sweaty and I dab with napkins whenever I get the chance. In other words, your confidence issue is making it seem like sweating is keeping you out of the game when actually your mind is. There are guys that weigh over 200 pounds that are pulling so you can’t convince me that sweat is your problem.

Ask yourself this: is it possible that there are guys with worse physical issues than yourself who is getting laid regularly? You don’t need a workshop. You have my book which is enough to see large improvement in the next year. Read it from front to back and approach at least 10 girls a week. That’s your solution, and there is no shortcut to that. Forty girls a month starting tomorrow. In your email you did not mention things you’re doing, so that tells me you haven’t even stepped in the pool yet.

The next step is to hit the gym. If you don’t have a gym or can’t afford it, develop a poor-man’s workout routine (pushups, situps, pullups with a $30 bar, and running). It’s important to be happy with what you see in the mirror. Start optimizing your look by trying different hair/beard configurations and splurge on a new outfit that makes you feel good.

In your next email to me I want to hear questions about issues you have found when approaching girls. Take action starting tomorrow. Good luck.

For those of you that haven’t read my book yet, I just updated the Bang homepage with ten brand new sample pages.