Why I’m positive about tomorrow’s episode of the Dr. Phil show

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I admit, I was irate when I heard that Ross Jeffries and Savoy on Dr. Phil. I had ideas that these guys were selling out the seduction community to women for a bit of publicity.

I consulted with an acquaintance of mine that I’ve known for some time. He recently entered the seduction community after reading my blog. I’ve probably learned as much from him as he has learned from me. The guy is one of the most intuitive and quick learning pick up artists I’ve ever worked with.

I brought up the Dr. Phil episode to him and he really didn’t have much to say about it.

“Good for Ross and Savoy, even bad publicity is publicity. You want people talking about you and people will be talking about them after going on Dr. Phil.”

I asked him if he thought they were traders for going on a show that is watched by women and exposing tactics of the seduction community.

“Dude, I was talking to this girl about VH1 shows and out of no where she started telling me how the stuff taught on “The Pick Up Artist” doesn’t work on women. The funny thing is that I have used seduction concepts and techniques on her in the past and present and they work perfectly!”

I pried deeper into his mind.

“Basically if Ross or Savoy expose specific openers or routines that you use just don’t use them after the show, it is no big deal.”

You know what, he was right.


I got too wound up about nothing. I need to control my emotions.

Any coverage the seduction community gets in the mass media is going to be very elementary. It is like me getting worried about losing my job as a computer programmer because PBS is going to have a documentary about computer programming. The documentary is going to introduce people to the most basic components of computer programming but they are not going to have the years of education and experience that I have to write the complex programs that I write.

Basically Dr. Phil was going to eventually get someone from the community to go onto his show. Sure, it meant going into the lions’ pit but you can’t buy that kind of publicity. Rethinking it, if Dr. Phil asked me to go on his show and talk about the seduction community and in return promote my blog I would be dumb not to do it.

I’m going to record the show and watch it tomorrow after work. It’s sure to be entertaining. I have never saw video or pictures of Savoy or The Don so that alone should make it interesting. It should also be entertaining seeing Ross, Savoy and Dr. Phil all fight.

I know Dr. Phil and his crowd will try to put a black-eye on the seduction community and make us seem creepy but fuck him. Dr. Phil is creepy. Go to a club tonight and ask an attractive girl what she thinks of Dr. Phil (”The Dr. Phil Opener”?!?). She will probably say he is a fucking douche bag.

I hope Savoy, Ross and Don get some jabs in at Dr. Phil and I hope they reap the benefits of the exposure that they get on such a popular show. These guys are on our side and Dr. Phil is the enemy.

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