Pickup Gurus and their dogs: Stephen Nash and Magic

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Here’s a video of Stephen Nash AKA Playboy with his dog Magic promoting his new product The Natural Art of Pick Up

So Stephen says…

“…want to meet women then get yourself one of these (referring to his dog)…”

“…if you want to attract women get a dog”

Let me just say… that is HORRIBLE advice for countless reasons!

Here’s a few issues I have with his suggestion…

It is the WRONG reason to get a dog

You should only get a dog if you are ready to responsibly take care of a creature who can bring companionship and love into your life. You should get a dog for what it can offer your life directly, not what you can use the dog to do for you as the middleman. I think any true animal lover will agree with me here.

It ignores the harsh reality of dog ownership

Owning a dog is second only to having a child in regards to time commitment and responsibility. The reality is that many guys in the community are not in the position in their life to be good owners of a pet of this magnitude. I know that I do not have the time to play, walk and interact with a dog at this phase in my life and there is NOTHING worse than an owner who neglects his dog.

It ignores you facing your REAL issues with meeting women

Back in the day, if I had problems with women I blamed my wardrobe and I went out and dropped a few hundred on new clothes thinking that was the solution to my problems with women. Shopping for new clothes made me feel good.

Then I would go out with the new clothes and STILL have problems with women.

My problem wasn’t my clothes and your problem is not the lack of a dog in your life. My problem was that I was socially inept with female interaction, I had approach anxiety and I lacked confidence. You should figure out your TRUE issues and fix them no matter how hard they are rather than getting yourself an easy scapegoat to make you temporarily feel better about yourself.

Now if you ALREADY own a dog then I obviously think it is good for both you and your dog to get out and interact with new people and other animals…

But to get a dog in hopes that it will fix your problems is not the right thing to do.

A dog may be able to attract women but the only thing that really matters is if YOU can attract women…

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