Pickup Perfection Isn’t Needed To Be Successful

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Here’s a quick story by Ross Jeffries with some motivation for this upcoming weekend…

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

The other day, I was giving a consultation (it comes with your Speed Seduction® Home Study Course) to a student who was worried that he wasn’t putting all the elements of Speed Seduction® together in a very smooth or polished manner.

Yet at the same time, even though he wasn’t too smooth with it (at least not yet) he was actually doing pretty well with the ladies - he just wanted to consistently do a lot better.

I put his mind at ease by telling him the following story:

“Two guys are hunting rabbits in the woods. All of a sudden a huge grizzly bear comes crashing through the trees, headed straight for them. The bear is wild-eyed, his huge jaws snapping, the threat of a terrible death is right on the two hunters.

One hunter stands there paralyzed with fear, while the other one drops his gun, turns around, and starts to take off running.

The first hunter yells after him, ‘Hey.. where are you going? Bears can hit 35 miles an hour! You’re not going to out run that bear!”

And the second hunter turns and says, “I don’t have to outrun the bear! I just have to outrun you!”

The point of that story is: you don’t have to outrun your perceived ideas of seduction perfection to do very well with women. You just have to outrun most of the other guys out there in the world who are so boring, dull, predictable or plain clueless that they are probably going to get next to nowhere compared to what YOU have to offer!

Now, I gotta go outrun that damn bear!

Piece and peace,


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