Pickup101’s Lance Mason Gets Married

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Lance Mason PickUp101Word on the street is that Lance Mason of Pickup101 got married earlier this summer…


I saw a wedding picture and all I will say is that his wife appears to be relatively young (20-something maybe?) and she’s Asian…

I believe that Lance is around 40 years old…

Good for them!



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  • pua
    December 6th, 2013 at 1:10 pm

    Lance married the asian girl on the left in the photo, the same buttah face he’d been dating since 2005. Word is that she let him have MLTRs & threesomes with her (& probably the Indian chick in the picture LOL). There’s a video out there of the two of them naked in a hot tub advertising for pickup101. Not exactly a girl with high self esteem, but whatever, at least he found someone to marry him once he hit 40.

    Anyway, Lance seems to have made a mint off pickup101 and now tells everyone he’s an internet entrepreneur & investor. He goes by Lance Allen again professionally. Though I don’t think any of his latest schemes have paid off like being a PUA.

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