Pimp eSeduce.com to Every AFC You Meet

I love stories. I especially love stories about me or my website…

Hey, I’m vain what can I say!

Flamingo Kid told me a story about his wing Aries.

Aries went to a club with his girl and a guy came up and started hitting on her. He used a classic move taught in Mehow’s Infield Exposed and just sat back and let the guy do his thing.

The dude failed miserably and his girl basically told him to fuck off. The dude left with his tail between his legs.

Aries left his girl, found the dude and told the guy to check out eSeduce.com to get his game up.

I fucking love it!!!

Thank you Aries for the plug and if you are the guy he recommended this site to, I hope I can help you out so you can steal Aries girl from him next time in less than 15 minutes just like Mehow :)