Player Supreme and Thundercat’s opinion of the Dr. Phil show episode

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I told myself I wasn’t going to beat a dead horse but I caved in. I had to mention these comments by other gurus in regards to the Dr. Phil Ross Jeffries and Love Systems episode.

First, Thundercat finally chimed in with his take on the Dr. Phil episode. He seems to have some form of direct business relationship with The Mystery Method* so of course he took it extremely easy on them and kept it positive. On the other hand, he unleashed a long negative rant on Ross Jeffries.

A lot of his points may have been valid but the simple truth is that I don’t want to hear the opinion of someone who appears to be in bed with one of the parties. It makes his opinion moot to me. ‘Nuff said.

* Update: It has been brought up to my attention that my assumption was wrong and that Thundercat has no direct business relationship with The Mystery Method and in fact has been critical of them in the past.

Next, on to what I believe are some unbiased and unapologetically honest opinions from Player Supreme (who I made a post about last week).

He has released a podcast with his comments on the episode. I found this podcast very entertaining and insightful. You can click the image below to play it.

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I honestly laughed at several points in this podcast, especially the “robot” part.

He uses push/pull a lot by criticizing and then complementing both Ross and The Mystery Method.

Here’s just a few of his comments:

- He said Ross Jeffries should not be talking about religion when teaching others about becoming better with women (see my related post pick up artist politics)

- He said he liked Ross’s book “How to Get the Women You Desire into Bed

- The Love Systems guys should be honest and proud of their teachings rather than lying about it (in regards to the “f-close” allegations)

- He complemented Love Systems on their example of a canned opener (you can find more of their openers and routines in their new Routines Manual)

- He disputed Ross’s claim as the godfather of pick up mentioning Eric Weber as one person who was teaching before Ross

- He complemented Ross on his use of “wording” in his teachings

Player Supreme mentions Mystery by name but Mystery had no actual affiliation with “The Mystery Method” at the time of the filming. His confusion is understandable.

Player Supreme also finally clearly defines that he is an advocate of natural game, direct approaching and using situational openers.

I’m not a fan of natural game advocates bashing routine-based game but I felt that he did it in a more acceptable fashion than most.

How much do you want to bet that Ross Jeffries draws the line at talking shit to Player Supreme?

I got five on it.

You can visit Ross Jeffries’ Speed Seduction site by clicking here. I recommend his Speed Seduction Starter Kit which includes a ton of MP3s and ebooks for under $30.

The Mystery Method company is now called “Love Systems”. You can visit there site by clicking here. There introductory product for people new to their teachings is their Magic Bullets ebook while their Routines Manual is their newest product.

You can check out Player Supreme’s new book “How To Conquer Your Fear Of Approaching Beautiful Women: How To Meet And Date Beautiful Women” at Amazon

Player Supreme

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