Player Supreme talks about this site in a recent podcast

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I admit it, I’m vain.

I like it when people talk about me good or bad, even if they get my name wrong and it is just them talking about a post I made about them.

Player Supreme recently read parts of my posts in a recent podcast.

Ironically though he thought I was Brad P. when he made the podcast. I guess my recent Brad P interview or the banner ad for Brad’s 30/30 Club may have confused him.

No biggie, I’m flattered. For the record though, I’m actually Mack Tight.

He straightens things out on his message board and in the text accompanying the podcast.Player Supreme

He considers the seduction community methods as using birdshot while he is more “business-like” and scopes out targets with a rifle.

But in response to that I would like to say that the seduction community HAS evolved since the old “cold approach many and play the numbers game” days of yesteryear.

I think cold approaching and talking to a lot of people is still a good thing. It strengthens your communication skills, helps you overcome approach anxiety, raises your status and helps you network.

But as Brad P. mentions in our recent interview; developing and working a social network is important and will get better results than just cold approaching. It is more targeted and “warm”.

More and more community products such as Conquer Your Campus are geared toward developing a stronger social foundation rather than opening whoever walks by you in a night club.

I’m glad to see Player Supreme is paying attention to the seduction community. There seems to be bad blood between the seduction community and the advocates of “pimp, mack and player” game. I hope I can bridge that gap and I have been aggressive studying the teachings of Player Supreme and Tariq “King Flex” Nasheed lately.

I’m not big on their use of degrading female terminology such as “ho” and “slut”. I know that goes with the territory but I think the use of such words only fuels the overall potential of witnessing anti-slut defenses and last minute resistance in the future.

I do think that a lot of their concepts, theories and opinions are pretty damn solid. I’m overall a fan of them both.

I want to thank Player Supreme for the mention and whoever emailed him the link. Keep up the good work.

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