Player Supreme’s Horrible “Starter Girlfriend” Example

Player Supreme is a dating and fitness coach who I’ve written about in the past. He advises that inexperienced guys should get themselves a “starter ho”.

First things first, I think it’s juvenile and detrimental to be using the word “ho” when giving advice to socially miscalibrated and anxiety-prone guys. I’ve talked in the past about my opinions of using the words ho, slut and bitch… so I don’t want to beat a dead horse here. Player Supreme is 50+ years old… he should know better. A grandpa throwing around the word “ho” in public forums is miscalibrated in and of itself.

That being said, the idea of a “starter girlfriend” is solid advice that no other dating guru other than me and PS really advocates. Here’s the truth, guys don’t want to be told that they should “settle” in order to ultimately get what they want. That doesn’t make them want to pull out their credit card. They want a magic bullet that will get them super models with no effort needed on their part. Sorry, but there’s no magic bullet. Unless you were born with a silver spoon or ridiculously good looks, you’re going to have to pay your dues in order to become super good with women. A “starter girlfriend” is like practice for the big game.

It blows my mind when a sexually inexperienced guy chooses to be celibate rather than be with a girl that doesn’t match his unrealistic idea of an attractive woman. It’s like trying to give meat and potatoes to a starving person on a deserted island and them turning it away because they only want to eat caviar and truffles. You get my point.

So what does a “starter girlfriend” look like? Player Supreme recently made a video with his idea of one. Watch the video below and read my comments below…


With this one example, he flushes his practical advice right down the shitter…

This girl is actually Emily Bett Rickards, an actress on the CW show “Arrow”. You can watch a clip of her from Arrow on IMDB. She’s fucking hot and she’s totally girlfriend material for even the studliest dude reading this. To call her an example of a “starter girlfriend” is absolutely fucking ridiculous.

Sure, in the show they try to “nerd” her up by giving her full rim glasses and a pony tail. It reminds me of Rachael Leigh Cook in “She’s All That”.

I always laugh when Hollywood tries to dress down hot actresses. It’s so transparent to any heterosexual male. In real life, you’re not likely to find hot girls who are passed over by guys because they are quirky and dress eccentrically.

The movie Not Another Teen Movie does a great job mocking this ridiculous portrayal.

In my opinion, Player Supreme is basically suggesting that you hunt for unicorns.

So what’s MY example of a starter girlfriend?

It would be any girl you can hook-up with without issue but who doesn’t completely match what you’re looking for regarding looks, personality or compatibility. Think of a group of 6 girls at a night club or bar. There’s probably 1-2 really hot girls that are the most desirable. There’s also 1-2 who are the least desirable. A good starter girlfriend would be any girl in that group that falls in the middle of those two extremes.

The goal is to settle for the time being in order to develop the experience and skills to not have to settle in the future. In fact, you’re not even really settling if you have no better options currently available. “Settling” would mean being celibate and jerking off.

Don’t jerk off or chase unicorns. Do the best with what you got and keep pursuing what truly makes you happy.

It’s casual,

Mack Tight