Why I make it a point to avoid talking about politics

political party symbolsYesterday I received an email from a friend who I have not had contact with for about two years. The email wasn’t asking me what I was up to or even telling me what he was up to. It was a forwarded article about politics that was completely biased toward one of the political parties.

I immediately thought to myself “what a douche bag”. I can see why I haven’t kept in contact with this person.

I see it everyday. People will not shut up about politics. I have wing men who will not shut up about it. I meet women who will not shut up about it. They’ll talk shit about one political party without even knowing where I stand on politics. Within five minutes of meeting you, sizing you up and asking you what your career is I can usually make a good guess where you stand politically. You do not need to spin your political biasness toward me because I do not care.

I wasn’t always like this. A few years ago I was slanted toward one of the parties and I was quite vocal about it. I fought with my friends who were for the opposing party. I argued with women I just met about politics. I spent hours reading political blogs to find fuel to back up my arguments when I could have spent that time making money or becoming better with women. At times politics superseded friendship and the pursuit of potential sexual partners. How dumb was that?

I never changed anyones opinions. Basically all I did was alienate friends, waste my time and lose my chances with women.

Why did I care so much about what others thought about politics? Why was I even trying to change someones opinion knowing that their minds were set in stone about the topic?

I think I was merely seeking validation. I wasn’t fully confident about my views and wanted others to reassure me that my opinions were of merit. When others told me that they weren’t, rather than taking their views into consideration in changing mine I would instead become defensive.

I see this a lot with AFCs that I meet. They ask me for advice and when I give it to them they become defensive as if I was attacking them when I was really just trying to help them.

My personal opinion is that politics, like religion, should be kept to yourself. I understand that it is a topic that you may be passionate about but often the topics that people are passionate about are the ones to avoid. There is often a 50% chance that the person you are talking to is not going to agree with your views. Why would you take that risk when there is little to gain?

Now if I was paid to talk about politics like Jon Stewart or Rush Limbaugh that would be a different story.