Post-Sex Text Message To Send (Use this ACTUAL TEXT)

I’ve got something for you that you’re going to absolutely love…

It’s an actual text that you can use after a late night, a date, or sex with a girl you just met.

My boy Christian Hudson breaks it all down for you below:
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Post-Sex Text by Christian Hudson

What’s so cool about texting it is that, even when you’re not spending time with her, you can be building attraction and even making things hot. So by the time you see her, it’s ON.

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So we also have a private forum for the guys who are really serious about it. I posted this in there… it’s a txt exchange between me and this girl, the day after the first night we slept together.

When you get your text game down, you’ll find that hookups come a lot more quickly (if you choose), so you’ll have to be able to be graceful and cool the next day… neither too needy and excited for it to happen again (that will turn her off) nor 
too aloof (she’ll think you’re an a-hole).

Hope this helps ya!


Getting it right after a random hookup is critical. Too much and you’re needy, too little and you’re a jerk. On Friday I hooked up with a girl who was about ten years younger than me (hey, a guy in his 30’s can still have fun!), and it was one of those “we’re up late at my place hanging out, drinking a bit, and s*x just kinda happened” sorts of things. And we didn’t know each other well or been on any dates before; it’s definitely been awkward for me in the past in these situations. But these days, it’s all about having a good attitude about it, building a connection and some fun inside jokes, and setting the next date.

Christian HudsonI took care of brunch the next day and she hung out for a bit until my friend Dave came over to do some work with me. So that’s Saturday daytime… this text exchange started mid-day Sunday.

Hola querida, how is your stomach? I fell asleep last night at 8:30
haha too much work + play

Hey! I still feel so nauseous! Went to bed then too. I’m so
stressed out with all the work I have to do this week :( I really
didn’t plan my time well. Whatd you do today?

[note - notice she is kind of negative and focusing on the bad
parts of staying up late and doing fun things :) I don't want to
vibe on this for too long so I try to switch the subject to food]

Awww poo well no jaeger cokes at 3 am for you missy! I’ve been
working all day mostly shooting video. Just ate at my fave
restaurant in the city, do you like mediterranean?

The entire combination of the night didn’t do me too good. I like
some mediterranean food, not fish too much though. I can’t think
about food right now :p

[she's still focusing on negativity. I want to refocus it in a fun
way, so I look up a swiss food (she's swiss and is visiting the
US). I do this a lot - look up something unique to a girl's
country, town, whatever... the more that you are able to speak to
someone about their home, the quicker you can connect with them]

Haha well my instinct is to say that I’ll make it up to you with
some roesti but never mind

Noooooooo! I’ve been wanting some roesti! I haven’t had any in
awhile. The swiss restaurant cafe select has it, soooo good. Do you
know it? :)

[I used a very unique-to-her disconnect (was gonna do something
nice but never mind) and she loves it. now I set up a future date]

No I don’t where is it? Maybbbbbbbe we can go sometime.

Yess! I’ve been wanting to go before I leave so let’s do it

Well first I need to know when you leave ;P

May 16 already. I wanna stay longer so maybe ill rebook it

[damn. she was fun to hook up with and I definitely was hoping to
spend more time with her. how long will she be gone?]

Yeah soon how long u gone for? Last time I was traveling I missed my
flight 3 times and kept extending the trip. I think my subconscious
was fighting to stay

Oh wow you shouldve just done it from the beginning then! I’m gonna
be gone til august :o

[Hmmm... well I don't want to respond directly and indicate that
I'm too into her or that I don't care at all. So I tell her
something sweet instead]

Haha yeah I know. Or just have been less hungover when my flights
were departing :p ps I am loving the thunder and lightening from my
apartment’s views right now, wish I could snap a pic the exact
moment it all lights up and send it to u

Hahahaha I think we’ve all been there. Flying hungover is the
worst! I love thunerstorms :) sooooo cozy

[hmmm, is she interested in coming over, like, right now?]

haha yeah too bad u and ***** aren’t over. we could have a slumber
party and make s’mores and drink moderate amounts of wine :p

Moderate is what it would have to be ;) smores sounds yummy too!
But how would we make them?

We have a gas stove girl! In fact I’m think that we have all the
supplies but a hershey’s bar, which you could pick up along the way
;) And the one other thing we have here is ghost stories

I want some now! I’m falling asleep though so ill talk to you soon!
We need some of that roesti and then some smores for dessert =)

[shoot, ok, well another night. but it's been sweet enough that I
should close it out - don't want to be a petulant little boy who
isn't nice because he didn't get what he wanted. we've got a date
again and a lot of fun stuff to talk about now so I can text her
tomorrow and set up the next hangout]

I think I’m going to dream about that for at least 8 minutes
tonight. :p nighty night


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rock and roll,