Proof that Thundercat is a pheromone product, RSD and Speed Seduction Affiliate

Yesterday I made a post that claimed that Thundercat endorsed a pheromone cologne on his site.

Chris left the following comment:

I searched the html and saw no such link. Its possible you have adware that shows targeted ads based upon what you are looking at.

Nope, sorry Chris. The real answer is easy…

TINYURL.COM!!! is a redirection service. It allows you to shorten up a long affiliate link. Thundercat is using it to shorten and hide his affiliate links.

This of itself is not a big deal.

If you look at his source code again you will see right after the start of the body a group of links that start with “ContextCASH Start” *.

The link that goes to the pheromone site that Thundercat plugs is the one in the picture below:


But this is where things get even juicier boys and girls…

There are two other hidden affiliate links that you will probably find very interesting too!

First, Thundercat slams Tyler Durden and RSD relentlessly on his blog.

Guess what, the link shown below is a hidden affiliate link to the Real Social Dynamics site.


I’ll be honest, I do not have an issue with this. I talk badly about some gurus and I’m also an affiliate of them. On the other hand, I talk good about some gurus and I’m not an affiliate of them. I stated why I do this in my original pheromone post.

Thundercat to my knowledge has never declared that he wasn’t an RSD affiliate.


Thundercat DID make the following comment in his Dr. Phil post after Ross Jeffries accused him of being a Speed Seduction affiliate and making money for years from fake battles between them:

…the notion that I “collaborate” with Ross on anything is ridiculous. I hate this guy. Hate him with seven passions. I get the creeps just THINKING about this dude. He has done so much to screw me and so many other people over, I would never, ever, ever want to work with or associate myself to this douchebag in any way. The truth is, he HAS emailed me in the past begging to flame him (especially during the time when he was breaking up with Yates), but I just ignored his lame attempts to get attention. The fact is, I still have all the “cease and desist” emails he sent me in the past threatening to sue me and stuff if I kept bad mouthing him. So the notion that I do this to make money with Ross “in secret” or whatever is bunk. Remember, ROSS LIES. Anything that comes out of that man’s mouth is a lie. So to believe his word on a subject is just lame.

Is it just me or does this seem to be Thundy denying that he is an affiliate of Ross’s Speed Seduction site?

If that is really the case, why is the address in the picture below a hidden affiliate redirection to the Speed Seduction site?


It sure seems to me like Thundercat is fucking lying here!!!

Now I’m not using “private” information because I would never expose that kind of stuff, this stuff is right on his fucking website which is accessible by the public!!!

What a fucking hypocrite! Thundercat “calls out” and accuses others of being liars on his site and he’s a damn liar himself!

Go to the post on his site and select “page source” and see for yourself!

Do you guys have the same issue with this that I have?

Do you think the wording of his comment is not specific enough where he has a legitimate loophole?

Am I trying to make a big deal out of nothing?

Do you guys think this destroys some of Thundercat’s credibility in regards to calling out other gurus?

Do you guys think the Brewers have any chance of breaking the Barry “Extramask” Kirky curse and making it to the World Series for the first time in 26 years?

It’s casual,
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* I’m not familiar with ContextCASH but it seems to be a plugin or javascript program that he uses to associate certain words to affiliate links. It also seems to let you use “img src” instead of “a href” to help hide the links more. If someone is familiar with it and wants to disclose how it works please leave a comment.