PUA Toolbox - Essential Pickup Artist Tools To Carry

Here’s a rather bizarre article by a PUATraining instructor by the name of Karl

In it, he recommends some “props” that a “natural game” pua should carry with him…

I find some of his suggestions to be worthwhile & interesting…

But I find others to be rather STUPID and *NOT* very “natural” at all…

Hey, it’s an interesting read either way! :-)

If you don’t learn anything from it… please don’t give up on PUATraining…

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I guarantee you’ll dig these free programs… even if you shake your head at some of Karl’s PUA toolbox suggestions below…

Oh yeah, did I mention that “natural” Karl’s wingman is named “Shamwow”?!?

Guys, I can’t make this stuff up!



The PUA’s Toolkit
by Karl of PUATraining

Hey guys,

At PUATraining we teach about how to game girls like a natural, so we tend not to teach routines as such, but the question has been raised a few time, is there a place for props in natural game?

This led me to do a little bit of analysis and come up with this: The PUA’s Toolkit. This is a list of items which can be used while gaming and which are not part of an elaborate routine and instead can be used just to make an interaction more interesting/exciting.

1. Decision dice. A good friend and wing of mine, Shamwow, first introduced me to the decision dice. His dice have the face with ‘one’ on it replaced by a shark so something similar to this would be great.If you are in set with girls they are brilliant for games i.e. whoever rolls the sharks has to do a forfeit/finish their drink/silly preplanned task. They are small, fit in your pocket and are not noticeable and can be brought out when the inspiration strikes. Get your own Decision Dice here.

2. Belt or a scarf. While they can be good for fashion purposes they are also useful for game. For instance you can establish a limbo on the dance-floor using one. Or you can think even further outside the box and use them for little role-plays for instance making a joke that you have ‘captured’ a girl like in a Wild West movie and then fashion a capture from a belt or scarf (within reason and with consent to continue of course).

3. A pocket vibrator. This is a controversial item and is purely used for escalation, and most of the time in a nightclub scenario when you have already K-closed and are going for a same night lay. The function and purpose is simply to thrill, excite and arouse. It should be used with care and caution however and it is a very high risk/very high reward item. Here’s a mini Trojan-brand one that would work good.

4. Adult truth or dare app on the iPhone. This is a fantastic app on the iPhone that has built in erotic truth or dare questions and tasks. This is again for escalation and having a bit of fun. While the app is as far as I know only on the the iPhone, you can replicate it in advance/on the spot with a bit of imagination if you do not have access to an iPhone. Get the app here.

5. A camera. This is so you can record memories to enjoy afterwards or can be used as a method of opening by asking them to take a picture etc. They can also be used to build comfort when you have been in set for a while by getting a picture of you, your wing if you have one, and the girls. Here’s some compact digital cameras for under $100.

6. The High Five. OK while it isn’t an item I feel the need to include it as it can do so much. High fiving someone can add value to them, validate them, build comfort, initiate kino, start an interaction (most of the time on the dance-floor), all depending on the situation it is used in.

7. A music player. This can be speakers, a laptop, a stereo and isn’t to be taken out but instead is used for end game. Music accesses our emotions and it is unwise to forget this. Having a good playlist of songs you enjoy and also help set a mood is invaluable. Here’s some compact stereos that are affordable, convenient & look good.

This list isn’t in a particular order of course but thinking about how to make an interaction a little bit more exceptional is indeed a noble cause. Remember to apply a bit of social intelligence when deciding when to use some of the items on the list, and if you have any suggestions leave a comment or email me and I will be happy to add it!

Have fun guys!


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