PUA Training’s Yad doing a Day Game Cold Approach with a K-Close (Video)

PUA Training just released a video called “PUA Training - Yad day-game cold-approach k-close”…

That title is just DRIPPING with excessive pickup terminology!

Here’s the video…

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This “Yad” PUA dude looks like Jack Osbourne back when he was chubby!

I’ll be honest, my attention span is too short for this one - I got about a minute into it before skipping to the end.

And then it happened…

Make-Out City: Population Yadmeister and some Russian chick with an equally bizarre fashion sense!

I haven’t seen a match this perfect since Balki Bartokomous met Mary Anne Spencer!

What did you think of Yad? Was his swag dripping? Did he fit your definition of “blingitude”?

This cat just plain creeps me out so I’m going to say he was pimp tight without the Kangol - puhleeze don’t go all Sideshow Bob on my ass Yad!

I wonder if “Yad” has a dark and evil twin named “Thgin”?!

I digress…

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