PUMA Skills 2.0 Brad Jackson Interview

Brad Jackson pic 1Brad Jackson is the author of the upcoming PUMA Skills 2.0 program where he teaches guys how to pickup women using magic (check it out now by clicking here…)

I know some guys still have reservations about using magic to pickup women so I grilled with a couple questions addressing these issues.

In fact, I even brought up how Kezia from PUA Training basically said using magic is cheesy and childish… you got to read Brad’s response to that below…

It’s awesome!

Would you give some background information about when you started
learning magic and how you learned to apply it to picking up women?

I learned a few bar tricks from a friend in about 2000 and when I started
trying them when I went out and talked to girls. I actually wasn’t trying
to pick up girls with magic tricks…I was just having fun. And I wasn’t
involved in the seduction community yet, just being myself. But when I saw
how it instantly transformed the reaction of the girls, removing
“bitch-shields” and awkward moments, I started learning more and more
tricks. It was like a drug.

Several years later, when I read about Mystery and even Style using magic to
demonstrate value in the book, “The Game” I immediately wanted to know which
tricks they were doing.

Once I started learning the more advanced strategies from the top pick up
artists fusing that with my own skills, I began applying all those
techniques and strategies towards my magic, fusing the two together…and it
was an overnight GAME-CHANGER!

Brad Jackson pic 2Now when I did a magic trick it wasn’t about the trick. I played the
“reluctant magician.” I played it off, only did tricks when I knew exactly
how I could lead the conversation where I wanted it to go. I quickly
learned how to open girls the “right way” with magic and have girls actually
open “me!”

There have been instructors from other companies who have portrayed
using magic to pickup women as being corny and childish (i.e. Kezia of PUATraining).

What is your response to that?

I love her responses to it. It’s common and truly naive. “My kid brother
does magic…” Girls get this preconceived notion (as many guys do) of a
cheesy magician trying way too hard to get her attention. Walking up and
trying to pretend to be mysterious or entertaining and then hoping the magic
trick does all the work. That’s NOT the way it works. But because so many
guys fear that, they don’t learn the skills and the ones who do gain the
edge. The key is to not “look” like you’re using magic to pick up or
impress the girl. It’s just something cool you can do and you know when to
pull it out and when to keep it tucked away.

If done correctly, naturally working a surprising trick into your
interaction with a girl, you will cause a spontaneous moment of wonder.
It’s fun, crazy, cool, it can be a number of things. As long as you’re not
expecting the magic trick to do all the heavy lifting. If you can’t pick up
a girl without magic, you probably can’t pick up a girl “with” magic. It’s
not a…”magic pill” unfortunately.

But it is an awesome litmus test to see how bitchy a girl is. If you do it
correctly, like I show you step-by-step with PUMA Skills, you’re probably
going to amaze her and cause tremendous curiosity and fun. IF however the
girl reacts like a snot, then I know that she’s probably not someone I’d
want to date anyway. Even better, if she does that, I’ll turn it around on
her and say something like “I guess you didn’t get many hugs as a child did
you? You’re very cynical. What do you do for fun anyway…step on

You wouldn’t believe how that can flip a girls switch right around.

Brad Jackson pic 3But basically, even a girl like Kezia would have fun with magic when done correctly. When’s the last time any woman was 100% correct about what even herself responds to?

Mystery and Criss Angel dress flashy while in every video of yours you seem to dress more conservative and normal. Is there a reason why you dress the way you do?

Yeah, because I’m a normal guy like everyone of your readers. Criss Angel is a showman. Mystery wants to be and he runs his club game. That’s fine. But magic doesn’t have to be all mysterious and creepy. It can be fun and cool at the same time. If you try to emulate one of them and then do the magic, she’ll assume you spend waaay to much time practicing. When you
look somewhat normal and can do the impossible…now THAT will get
her saying “how the hell did he just do that?!”

In your recent videos we get to see your girlfriend. Is there a
story in where you used magic to attract her?

Yes, my girlfriend, Kenia, will even admit it works on her. I ran into her
at a bar. I was with my friend Andrew, she was with a girlfriend of hers.
The waitress came by for our drink orders and when I pulled out my cash to
pay, I pulled out 2 one-dollar bills. Then I said, “I don’t have enough,
will you cover me?” to Kenia. I had been talking to her for like 4 minutes
and she looked at me like I was crazy. I said “wait, hold on” as I folded
the 2 bills twice and unfolded it into a $5 bill and handed it to the
waitress. I said I’m covered. Then I acted like nothing happened and the
girls wouldn’t stop talking about it all night long. I did one more trick
for her later on…a mentalism trick that made her think we were connected
psychically. She still doesn’t know how I did THAT one. :)

Let’s talk about your PUMA Skills Mastery Course program. You are
releasing version 2.0 of it now. What does it all consist of?

Yes, This course is a culmination of all my years of studying magic AND pick
up. I spent the better part of a decade studying magic and filtering out
all the tricks that would and would not work in a social place like a bar,
club or party. I wanted tricks that could be performed with little or no
props or gimmicks…or those gimmicks could be so natural and easily hidden
that you never had to worry about lookin unnatural. I don’t teach card
tricks (well there’s one) because you usually don’t have cards on you at a
bar or a club…thus looking unnatural.

I filmed myself doing about 25, give or take, of my best tricks and breaking
them down, step by step and even including the exact dialogue you can use.
If you’ve never done magic before and never had the inclination to do what I
did and spend a lot of money filtering out all the gold from the lead,
but…you know that adding this to your game would not only be effective but
fun as hell…then the PUMA Skills Mastery Course was made for you.

In fact, I created the course that I wish existed when I was first starting
out with this. I would have saved years and nearly a thousand dollars of my
own money!

The PUMA Skills Mastery Course is the only instruction that fuses magic
tricks with proven seduction and attraction principles from someone who
isn’t a magician (me). I’m just like every one of your readers…always
looking for an edge with the girls. I found my edge here and I have finally
decided to reveal everything I know.

PUMASkills version 2.0 has more tricks, better explanations and some
incredible bonuses from myself and some of the top names in pick up.

You can now get PUMA Skills 2.0!
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