Push Button Dating EXPOSED!

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Race de Priest’s new online dating pickup system has finally been released…

It’s called Push Button Dating

Now you might remember Race from his B4UTXTHER and Window Shopping For Women programs…

Push Button Dating is basically a completely revised and updated version of Windows Shopping For Women…

Push Button DatingThings have changed drastically in the few years since WS4W first came out…

MySpace is no longer the “king” of social networks…

And since Facebook is less “open”, things are a bit more tricky…

Race addresses these issues and more with his new Push Button Dating System…

I mean, why piss around with some old online dating pickup program written 5 years ago that talks about using sites nobody uses any more?!

The “online game” is different today… and Race has got you covered with this killer system…

Check out his program here…

Race’s Push Button Dating program promises…

- tons of new women without cold approaching

- the best way possible to practice your “skills”

- a minimum of 2-3 dates a week if you do it right

Push Button Dating is a copy/paste system for meeting women on Facebook, Match, and all the online dating & social networking sites… when their shields are down…

Meeting women online is easy, fast, and low-stress…

The women on these sites are often the exact same women who look hostile and intimidating at the bar… and if you’ve ever sat there, scratching your head and wondering what the best way to approach them is, then you HAVE to read about what Race has put together:

Read It Here…

Here’s the EXACT contents of the system as explained by Race himself (be prepared, there’s A LOT!):


    Press her curiosity button and get her engaged. It all flows from here, and in this section you’ll learn how to stand out from all the chumps, spark her intrigue, and get her writing back - something that 9 out of 10 guys can’t do online!
  • RED FLAGS: The instant turn-offs that men make in setting up their profiles, and why you MUST avoid them
  • Exactly what type of pictures will get her excited… and trust me, they’re different than what you and I would think as men
  • The power of Qualifying Statements, and how this one simple tweak can lead to 20-30% more women INITIATING with messages to YOU
  • My newest and best openers… the Marriage Proposal, the My Mistake, and many more…that have been tested hundreds of times on everything from facebook to Yahoo! Personals.
  • The 3 MOST IMPORTANT elements in your profile - miss one of these and you’ll make it a LOT harder for her to connect with you
  • The biggest mistake that guys make in sending their first message, and the difference between a message that women respond to, and one they delete. It ALL comes down to this.


    Press her playfulness button and get her flirting. This is where you set yourself up as a challenge - someone for her to chase and play with - and pull WAY out ahead of the pack of others.
  • 2 things that will instantly make her feel like she’s been communicating with a grade-school crush, and not a guy she just met online
  • How to be silly and fun without being childish and turning her off. If you’ve ever offended a woman with your flirting, you NEED to learn this skill
  • How to introduce sexual undertones to the conversation in such a charming way that she can’t help but play along
  • GAMES: she’s NEVER had any guy ask her these questions, and she’ll JUMP at the chance to craft a playful response
  • Why words matter, and how to become a master of fun, flirty communication… not just online, but in person too


    Press her imagination button and create fascination. It’s critical that she start envisioning herself spending time with the REAL you, not just some guy she’s flirting with, and now it’s time that you build a real connection with her.
  • The critical mistakes that guys make when they’re responding to her questions - screw it up here and you’ll kill everything great that’s been happening so far
  • The power of future projections to create romantic trips that never happened. Do it the way I teach and you’ll be talking about your honeymoon in the tropics in just a few messages
  • How to talk about yourself in a dynamic, exciting, intriguing way - without bragging or saying anything to turn her off
  • 3 techniques for transition from the guy who she flirts with to the guy who enchants her
  • Which details to share - and which to keep to yourself - to leave her wanting MUCH more…


    Press her safety button and create trust. Women aren’t dumb, and even though she’s enjoying talking to you, she may still be unsure of whether or not you’re a psycho stalker. When the going gets tough, you need the tools in this module to show her that you’re cool as a cucumber.
  • If she thinks you’re too good to be true, she’ll test you. I’ll show you the few common tests that women use, and how to pass each one with flying colors
  • How to ask for her number in a fun, playful way that will GREATLY increase your chances of getting it
  • A technique for dealing with the most in-demand women when they stop responding
  • The correct way to playfully tease a woman (note: if you are doing this wrong you are instantly turning women off)
  • What to do when she puts up objections to giving you her number. When you understand WHY she did it, and how SIMPLE it is to get past this, you’ll have a good laugh
  • How to track back and reset if the interaction gets off course, if she gets offended, or if you feel her slipping away


    Press her arousal button and cause desire. She’s agreed to see you, and now it’s time to get her primed for the encounter. Will there be sparks when your eyes meet, and fire in her loins? Avoid the awkwardness, and make the first date the time of her life.
  • How to test her sexual boundaries. Is she one of the three women who want to have sex on the first encounter? I’ll show you the secret techniques I’ve used to find this out.
  • The first five seconds: EXACTLY what to do and say to make it comfortable and exciting
  • How and when to begin physical escalation (surprise: it’s a LOT sooner than you think)
  • How to isolate her, and get her back to you place for “fun times” :)
  • Something I do that my friend Tim calls “le skratch”. This ONE thing has led to more sex, more women telling me I’m sexy, and more crushes on me than anything else I teach.

Watch a video of Race & Christian here…

That’s not all… Race has some bonuses to add too…


    Everything I do follows on from how I think. I’ve never studied one piece of “pickup” advice, but I’ve read a tremendous amount about social dynamics and I’ve spent years developing the way of thinking to which women are now so responsive.

    In this bonus module, Christian Hudson, Nick Sparks and several other surprise guests each interview me about my thoughts, my experiences, and my beliefs. You’ll get multiple angles into my brain, because I truly want you to understand why I’m good with women, and how you can go from using my techniques to meet women, to being someone who is truly successful on your own.


    In this bonus section, we’re going to take some of my favorite interactions and break them down. You’ll understand what was going on in my head… and hers.

    This is as close to “teaching you how to fish” as I can take you. You’ll see interactions that went positively perfect from start to finish, as well as interactions where I encountered resistance and needed to overcome it. Nothing is left out or left to question.


There you go, the TOTAL online dating site and social networking pickup program for you…

Get it here…

I admit, I thought only “dorks” did online dating…

I finally caved in a few months ago and made a profile on a whim…

And let me say, I now feel STUPID for not trying it earlier!

EVERYONE is doing it… I met and hooked-up with some super HOT girls…

You’re MISSING OUT if you’re not trying this…

And Race’s Push Button Dating program will save you time, get you better results, and simply GET YOU LAID…

It’ll JUMP START your online game out-of-the-box if you’re a n00b…

You’ll LEAP FROG your friends who’ve been doing it for YEARS and snatch the hottest girls on these sites…

Learn more about it here…

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