Quit blaming others for your lack of success

Last Thanksgiving was a pivotal time in my life.  It was the first time I fully took responsibility for my lack of success with women.

I went out to a local bar with my cousins after the family Thanksgiving.  There was one hot girl in the bar that I had my eye on.  She apparently had her eyes on me because within minutes she was hitting on me.

She was all over me.  She gave me countless indications of interest and kino.  She cooed over me like a pigeon.  Her friends thought I was great too.  It would take a lot for me to fuck this one up.

Well, I fucked it up.  Bad.

I was seeking validation by bragging about my material possessions.  I started slamming shots and getting piss drunk.  It was like having a trophy bass hooked and cutting the line rather than reeling it in.

I used to blame my parents for my lack of success with women.  I lived in the boonies and had what I considered a sheltered childhood.  But I was now a fully grown adult living on my own in Milwaukee.  I couldn’t blame my parents for this fuck-up.  They didn’t teach me to be a drunken douchebag.  I learned that on my own.  In reality my parents were great parents and I was only using them as a scapegoat like so many people do.

I couldn’t blame my friends, I couldn’t blame the weather, I couldn’t blame my job, I couldn’t blame my age and I couldn’t blame my looks or appearance.  The simple fact is that I was given a gift on a silver platter for once in my life and I was too damn ignorant to take what I was dreaming for.

I think the first step in getting better with something is admitting YOU have a problem with it and need help.  It is easy to do when it involves something like learning statistics or how to operate a new program on a computer.  It is a little harder on your ego when it involves problems with women or money.

But once you do it, you will open the doors up for potential success.

If lightning strikes again this Thanksgiving, I am proud to say that one year later I am prepared.   But more importantly I have stopped waiting around for lightning to strike and started making things happen.   When a girl catches my eye I need to strike like a cobra.

It is something I’m still working on today.