Radar Magazine shows us a picture of Neil Strauss’s new girlfriend Jackie

neil straussRadar Magazine gives us yet another smug and smarmy article about the seduction community with their coverage of Neil Strauss’s recent book tour stop for Rules of the Game.

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They titled the article “Neil Strauss On Semen Stains, Emotionally Needy Chicks”.

What a clever fucking title! They are damn witty over at Radar Magazine. I wonder if they came up with that snappy title on their own or if Pauly Shore had to help them?

Ironically this worthless article that is not the least bit amusing or insightful is in their “Fresh Intelligence” section of their site. Toot your own horn, baby! Maybe someone without earplugs will listen and believe you.

The one golden nugget in this pile of turds: info on Neil Strauss’s new girlfriend Jackie (see picture of her below).


Apparently she was a psychology student. She makes the typical guru-girlfriend claim that Neil didn’t use any of ‘The Game‘ on her.

The most interesting part is that she admits she used to date Mystery.

I know meeting women through your social circle is great but does a seduction guru really need to resort to dating his friend’s ex?!? Didn’t we go through this already in The Game?

Sure, I’ve been guilty of it myself in the past but these are the same guys who are telling us to not live with the “tribe” mentality and that there are countless women out there for you. Couldn’t Neil find one that Mystery hasn’t been with and save some potential ‘BFF’ problems and drama?

I guess maybe it’s like Snoop Dogg says, “It ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none”.

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