Real Social Dynamics removes Dating and Pickup Artist Advice from their YouTube Videos

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Ever since Real Social Dynamics started straying away from dating advice, I’ve really stopped following them..

I don’t have an hour to spare to watch Owen Cook (forever RSD Tyler Durden to me) babble about woo-woo general self-help rhetoric..

But that being said, I’m still blown away by the production value for their videos..

In this video, Tyler.. oops, I mean Owen.. goes on a boat ride around the San Francisco bay.. all while he gives self-help advice that I didn’t pay any attention to..

I want you to appreciate the videography in this video..

1.) There’s two cameramen. There’s a stationary cameraman and a perimeter cameraman. I often find the switching between cameras during a video annoying.. particularly when vloggers keep switching back and forth between a stationary straight on shot and a side shot. But I really liked the multiple cameras in this video. It gave the video more depth. Both cameramen did a great job. Some of the later boat shots were not the best, but they were pretty rock solid considering the circumstances. It sure must be nice to have the luxury of having cameramen and editors at your disposal like RSD has.

2.) I have to give Tyler/Owen credit for keeping focus and delivering a consistent conscious unwavering train of thought throughout every environment. It is quite impressive. At least I think he did, I really just zoned out from his ramblings and admired the scenery.

3.) I thought the music interludes were dope. Adding the song “All That I Can” by Alpha 9 made an impressive video even better. It’s a catchy song with fitting lyrics. But adding the song probably cost them monetization or else caused extra ads in their video. Obviously RSD probably makes the majority of their money on the backend, but they likely took a hit for using other people’s music unless they had a prior license agreement that I don’t know about.

4.) The secondary cameraman shot some amazing footage during the boat ride. The Golden Gate Bridge.. Alcatraz.. going on that boat ride is now on my bucket list. Even the cameraman’s moving footage while they were walking on the pier was impressive.

RSD really raised the bar with their videos. They used to be like watching an Adam The Woo video with solid dating advice. But they really lost me when they removed the RSD branding and branched out to general self-help and make money online advice. Those markets are so saturated. Is it better to be a big fish in a little pond or a little fish in a big pond?

I find myself now skipping past the hour long RSD videos in my subscription feed to watch the ten minute Todd V Dating videos shot in his house on a tripod..

I guess amazing cinematography isn’t everything..

What do you think about Real Social Dynamics new direction?

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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