Retire your sports team apparel

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Wisconsin is full of die-hard Packer fans.  I have relatives and friends who wear Packer clothing daily.

I love sports and the Packers but I decided last year to eliminate clothes with sports team logos from my wardrobe.  Sure, I still have a few shirts and caps of local teams but I try to only wear them around the house and at games.

Most of my winter jackets used to have sports team logos on them.  I decided to retire them all and buy more professional outerwear.  Coming to work at my professional job with a red and navy puffy ski jacket with Chief Wahoo on the back was not appropriate.  I bought a navy wool driving coat and a down filled solid black jacket for when it was really cold.

I was in a bar recently and ran into a guy I knew back in the day.  He is 33 years-old and was wearing a tie-died Badger shirt, a Minnesota Twins golf visor and a green rubber bracelet similar to the yellow “LiveStrong” ones but with a Packer logo on it.

No one else in the bar was dressed like this.  I have no issue with people dressing differently.  But I don’t think sports team apparel is the type of clothing that is going to attract and interest women.  Most women are not sports buffs.

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  • ScottUA
    December 2nd, 2007 at 10:12 am

    Definitely agree with this one…if you want to stand out from other guys, you have to wear things that are UNIQUE. And wearing a sports team item is definitely NOT a way to stand out.

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