Reverse Qualifications - PUA Term Definition & Examples

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Here’s a quick article by Jon Sinn PUA explaining
the concept of reverse qualification

Interesting stuff, make sure to check out
the link to his free video at the very end…


Today, I’m gonna be breaking down
the topic of Reverse Qualification.

Reverse Qualification is getting
a girl to qualify why she likes you
after getting her to qualify herself
to you.

This forces the girl to start
thinking about why she likes you.

You will want to do this later on
in the conversation, once you
already have attraction.

I say something like:

“Besides that I’m hot,
and we’d have melt-the-
paint-off-the-walls sex,
why do you like me?”

What the woman says is less
Important than her effort in trying
to respond.

If she doesn’t say anything, and
just laughs, you may have some
flaking issues in your future.

If however she respond with
anything, joke or otherwise,
that tells you she likes you,
and it’s on.

If she does qualify why she likes
you, be sure to reward her, with
either a compliment or an statement
of intent.

Reverse Qualification works on the
psychological principle of commitment
and consistency.

Once a woman says she likes you or
gives you a reason she likes you. She
will be more likely to call you back, go
on a date with you and ultimately sleep
with you.

Hope that helps,

Jon Sinn

P.S. - Reverse Qualification is a HUGE part
of getting breakthrough comfort with a girl.
Watch my free video on it HERE!

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