Review of Thundercat’s new podcast

Have you guys missed Thundercat like I have? Have you longed for more posts like “Thundercat visits a porn shoot and learns you should eat lotsa celery for big cumshots” or “Thundercat talks shit about Ross Jeffries and RSD Part XXXXXXVVVVVVVIIIIIIII”?

Well then I got great news for you baby, cuz…..



And he isn’t just back, HE IS BACK AND PODCASTING!!!

FUCK YEAH, give me a minute here guys cuz I just diddled a lil bit in my boxers from excitement and need to change them!



Any how, apparently Thundercat has a thousand and one lame excuses why he is a lazy fuck and hasn’t been blogging much lately.


- He’s been juggling eleventeen and a half women, but don’t ask for proof. ONLY HE CAN DEMAND OTHER GURUS FOR PROOF!

- The weather is so super de-duper in California

I guess taking your laptop outside for ten minutes to type a blog post is not feasible but going inside to do research and record a twenty minute podcast is easier and less time consuming for the eternally busy Thundercat.

Sounds perfectly logical to me…

Jesse Ventura didn’t have time to bleed but Thundercat doesn’t even have time to SHIT! A conveniently placed cork saves him from taking the time to do such a remedial task that tears him from his female juggling and outdoor activities.

Thundercat has been enjoying Barry Kirkey’s recent podcasts so much lately that he has decided to honor Barry by ripping off his podcast format including lame soundbits, community drama and all.

Wait a second! Thundercat doesn’t have time to make posts but he has time to listen to Barry ramble for two hours a day, four days a week?

All this “Thundercat logic” is making my brain hurt…

Well guys, here’s my review of his podcast:


Review of Thundercats’ Super Awesome Podcast #1
by Mack Tight

It starts with Thundy singing along to the Thundercats cartoon theme. No, I’m fucking serious…

I always thought “Thundercat” was a dopey PUA name unlike “Mack Tight” which totally kicks fucking ass. I know he uses the name “Joseph Matthews a lot lately since it is more “natural”….

But to play the Thundercats theme and to even sing to it, that’s whacktacular!

I bet in podcast #2 he will play and sing along to Jem and the Holograms theme song, maybe even the Smurfs, just wait…

Laa, Laa, a Laa Laa, I’m Thundercat and I’m super fucking busy so I have a cork in my ass, Laaa da laaa, laaa, laaa!

Next, Thundy tells us he has a big announcement that he is going to tell everyone on Saturday. It isn’t a new product and he won’t give us any hint but he just thought he’d tell us that he has a big announcement.

Why the fuck does he have to do this shit???!!! Doesn’t he know he fucks up my sleeping by doing this?

I set in my bed and doze away but then SLAMM-O, the question of what Thundy’s huge announcement is going to be pops into my brain. Then I can’t sleep at all because I spend all fucking night trying to guess what it is going to be…

Is Thundercat going to the circus? Is Thundercat going to marry a dude? Is Thundercat going to grow a super cool Rollie Fingers handlebar mustache?

Seriously, don’t do that shit to me Thundercat! My heart can’t take it! It is a bitch move, dammit!

That being said, who the fuck makes major announcements on a Saturday?!?

Next comes a barrage of Andrew Dice Clay sound bits. Yes, Andrew Dice Clay sound bits and the Thundercats theme. If it was 1988 and I was 12 again this podcast would be the SHIT!

If ripping off Kirkey’s soundbit idea (of which Kirkey ripped off from any of a long list of annoying shock jocks) was not enough, Thundercat decided he should also rip off Kirkey’s idea of playing and making fun of PUA related YouTube videos.

Which will it be boys and girls, RSD or Ross Jeffries? Let’s flip a coin….. tails, it’s Ross Jeffries!

Thundercat rips on Ross for being “ugly”. The few pictures I’ve seen of Thundercat makes me think the dude breaks mirrors (and scales) when he walks by them so I don’t think he is in any position to rip on another man’s looks.

That being said, who really fucking cares if another man is “ugly” or “hot”? I sure in fuck don’t.

Thundercat plays a YouTube video of some hypnosis chick that I don’t know nor do I care to know about. Apparently Ross went on the show, was an ass and fucked up her program in the long term just by his interview.

WHO FUCKING CARES?!?? Tough titties. If you can’t control your guests it is YOUR problem, not Ross’s. I mean, it’s fucking YouTube for fucksake. It’s not like it is live or anything.

If your guest sucks, don’t post the video. Better yet, control your guest in the first place. TSB did a good job of taking a lame Ross Jeffries interview and making it entertaining for example. They effectively made Ross look like a clown while apparently Ross made this female hypnosis girl look like a clown because she couldn’t control him.

Thundercat claims that Ross Jeffries is an “asshole”. Let me be honest with you guys, 90% of these people in the community are “assholes”. I’m an “asshole”.

I really do not want to meet and be “friends” with most of these gurus. That being said, the ones I promote on this site I truly believe have material that can HELP guys with women and their life.

It is like many of these actors and musicians; I find their movies and music entertaining but I’m quite sure they are pompous pricks in real life. I don’t have a problem with that.

In regards to Thundercat, I think he is an exceptional writer but a boring talker. His Art of Approaching is basic and kind of old, but it does have its place for guys with approach anxiety. On the flip side, I found his Secret Seduction Files to have too much of him rambling and him having problems keeping the girls on track and focused on talking about helpful topics.

Similarly, his reviews of “The Pickup Artist” episodes last fall were fucking hilarious but this podcast was drier than the Sahara.

I’ve known this for a while. His was the one David DeAngelo guru interview that I couldn’t force myself to listen to because it was sooooo damn boring.

I think he has good material and he sounds professional but it is so monotone and repetitive that he sounds like Ben Stein to me.

My opinion, leave the podcasting to Kirkey.

That being said, expect a post in the near future by me regarding Barry Kirkey’s podcasts and specifically his jabs at me in them…

July is going to be a fucking awesome month for guys!

I’m bringing it…

Just like the Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats!!!