Reviews and reactions to the Mystery Method and Ross Jeffries episode of Dr. Phil

I have yet to see the Dr. Phil episode. I was working and forgot to record it. My friends did the same.

I do not know where you can watch the episode online or where you can download it. If I find out where to watch it I will send a message to my mailing list so I suggest you sign up for it. I’m sure the video will show up soon. If anyone knows where to watch or download it please let me know.

Thankfully some seduction bloggers were nice enough to leave their comments about the episode on one of my recent posts.

Yummy Stale Bread gave this review:

I was actually shocked at how the show played out. Dr. Phil was very sympathetic with the existence of the community as it was being portrayed by Savoy and the Don, and even the audience was buying into it (even though I do not think the Savoy and the Don were portraying what they teach honestly), that is until Ross Jeffries made his appearence. Instead of being positive and portraying his teachings in a positive light, he decided to criticize the teachings of the rest of the community and the whole thing deteriorated because of it.

Matt Savage added the following:

The first segment with Savoy and the Don went really good. Dr. Phil, the girls on stage and the audience were in agreement with them. Savoy did a great job on explaining the techniques, why they work and why it’s ok to use them. I was quite impressed.

The segment with Ross Jeffries definitely stirred the pot and I was a little pissed to see him making attacks on TMM and the rest of the community. He also came off as a bit of a douchebag. It seemed like his goal wasn’t to put seduction in a good light but to give his company a competitive advantage over the rest of the community.

I thought everyone from the community was going to be pissed off at Dr. Phil after the show aired but instead it seems like everyone is pissed off at Ross instead.

Neil Strauss made a post just after it was filmed back in late 2006. Neil was originally approached to be on the show but he balked. He made it sound like Ross was prodded and provoked by the Dr. Phil staff to attack Savoy and company.

Ross is not using Neil’s excuse though. He instead is sticking to his guns and called The Mysery Method instructors “idiots” and claims to have “beat the crap” out of them in this video from earlier this week:

So did he really kick Dr. Phil’s ass on the show? People seem to be saying just the opposite.

As far as Love Systems, it looks like these guys can do no wrong in 2008.

They started out with Cajun on Keys to the VIP, they released their new Routines Manual but then had a hiccup when Sinn left (was he in the episode?) but it sounds like this show painted them in a good light and they are sure to get attention from the masses. Congrats.

Damn, I really need to see this episode somehow! I’m like the only kid at school who doesn’t have a Nintendo.

You can visit Ross Jeffries’ Speed Seduction site. I recommend his new Speed Seduction 3.0 program.

The Mystery Method company is now called “Love Systems”. You can visit there site by clicking here. There introductory product for people new to their teachings is their Magic Bullets ebook while their Routines Manual is their newest product.

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