Richard LaRuina is in a laughable Times Online article

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Stefanie Marsh wrote an article for Times Online about Richard LaRuina this past July and I must say it was quite enjoyable to read…

…because it was laughably inaccurate and completely textbook.

In it she claims that “The Game … spawned a genre”…

Bullshit! That is giving Neil Strauss much more credit than he deserves.

In my opinion the seduction community, which was around a LOT longer that Neil Strauss, attracted mainstream authors and marketers (like Strauss) who saw an opportunity to capitalize on it.

Next, she could not differentiate Ross Jeffries from Mystery. She seems to merge them together like Voltron to make some Franken-guru…

…having watched the film Magnolia in which Tom Cruise plays Frank T. J. Mackey, “master of the muffin and author of Seduce and Destroy”. Mackey’s character is thought to be based on a Canadian PUA who goes by the name of Mystery, one of the Seduction Community’s pioneers and the author of How to Get Beautiful Women into Bed.

Mystery’s greatest achievement to date, besides having sex often, is the invention of the “neg” - a backhanded compliment aimed at undermining a woman’s confidence so as to encourage her to yield: “Nice nails, are they real?” is the classic neg. Although most women here have never heard of Mystery, they can quote parts of Mackey’s speech verbatim. “Learn how to make that lady ‘friend’ your sex-starved servant…”

Let me clarify Stefanie’s clusterfuck…

Ross Jeffries - Author of How to Get the Women You Desire into Bed and believed to be the inspiration for the Magnolia character

Mystery - Originally from Canada and taught “negging”

Speaking of “negging”, Stef does her best to “neg” the shit out of Richard…

“His sentence construction is so poor,” whispers a woman… And there are other problems. La Ruina’s jeans-blazer combo, his reedy voice, the hint of Eurotrash in the way he styles his hair. His name.

The article basically revolves around a lecture Richard does at what sounds like a very posh and reputable establishment. A bunch of older women come to both heckle him and apparently try to get him to sleep with them.

The author finally ends the article by saying people were disappointed because he wasn’t the obnoxious asshole that they thought he would be.

What a completely unmerited generalization…

The PUA Training Home Study SystemYes, certain well known pickup gurus are widely regarded as being pricks. Does that mean every pickup guru has to be an asshole?

I have only heard good things about Richard from others in the community and even from those who are not.

On the outside this article may seem bad and it might piss off those who are in the community but I know it only opened eyes to Richard and brought him more business in the long run.

If you want to bring your business to him, I recommend checking out The PUATraining Home Study System. The product is a real hit so get your copy now…

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