Roosh V Cribs

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Here’s a video of Roosh’s crib…

It reminds me of the Redman Cribs episode.

Roosh really needs to pony up some of that Roosh Bang money and buy his ass a REAL bed!!! Who wants to sleep and fuck on that thing?

Other than that, I thought the video was hilarious.

Roosh has a really good dry sense of humor that is reminiscent of other English countries. His delivery is well timed.

It is very different from the cheesy David Wygant word-puns and one-liners that is so characteristic of in-your-face US humor.

A while ago I made a post about decorating your bachelor pad. I am not a fan of getting ridiculously expensive decor to impress women or ransacking the local Pier 1 Imports for generic decorations.

I think the key to a good bachelor pad is to have items that are interesting, that you enjoy and that convey social proof.

It can be pictures of you and your friends pinned on a cork board, interesting items from a country you visited or a prop or poster from a movie you love.

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