Ross Jeffries does a joint venture with Neil Strauss’s SyleLife

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I respected Ross Jeffries up until today.

You see back in 1998 I read an article in Playboy about Ross and that introduced me to the seduction community. I never really got into his NLP stuff but I respected Ross and his teachings just the same. Ross was the King of the community at that time.

With The Game Strauss made a mockery of Ross. He made him sound kooky, egomaniacal, tired and dated. Ross fought back but it was too little too late and no one was listening. In my opinion it signified the end of the NLP and hypnosis phase of the community to yield to the routine based pickup phase.

RJ can try to spin his inclusion in The Game how he wants but to many it signified the end of them taking him seriously as a pickup guru. To many Ross Jeffries became “the dude who crawled on his knees and barked like a dog at Carmen Electra”. I stuck with him though.

I met new guys to the community and they all talked shit about Ross being a douche bag based on what Neil Strauss wrote about him. I defended Ross. I told the newbies they needed to respect the Godfathers of the community.

Today I read on Ross’s blog that he is doing a joint venture with Strauss’s SyleLife Academy.

For me that is the equivalent to shaking a guys hand just after he kicked you in the nuts.

I understand that Ross had no other choice and sometimes you have to join an entourage if you aren’t big enough of a star anymore to have one of your own. Hey, it gave Johnny Drama’s career a new life. My problem is that he joined Strauss’s entourage.

That being said, I cannot defend a man who is no longer defending himself.

Just read his blog post yourself. If it isn’t him waving the white flag and surrendering I don’t know what is.

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  • Gregory Arkadin
    February 8th, 2008 at 7:35 pm

    “Now, do I wish I could push a button and go back to 1993 when no one else was around? If I could make Neil and everyone else disappear, would I do it?

    Depends on if I am in a good mood or a bad one. ”

    He may be waving a white flag, but he is spitting on the ground while he does it. As RJ later says in the article, he needs Neil Struas marketing muscle. RJ’s no dumby, and he knows the reality.

    The Little Bald Guy basically amogs every body in the Game from two bit puas to the big goo roos. Basically he becomes the kingpin of a very profitable subset of the self help industry. But both Mystery and RJ get something in return, they get planted in the mainstreem (more so Mystery) and their rates cards go up (Mystery charges 7000 grand now for a in field workshop, can you say “you da fool”) and Rjs products have gone up alot. So, for those guys at least, it was somewhat of a gain.

  • Mack Tight
    February 8th, 2008 at 11:11 pm

    The difference between RJ and Mystery is Neil knocked Ross off the seduction guru throne and put Mystery in his place while putting himself second in command. Ross should have retaliated but instead he is kissing Neil’s feet and begging to be his jester.

    Any coward can spit on the ground and give up. It takes a real man to stand up for himself and fight back.

    Should anyone really want to learn how to become successful with women from a guy who basically admits he cannot compete in a world with other more successful pick up gurus? If I was a newbie I would seek the guidance of those more successful pick up gurus rather than RJ.

    Your comment is very thoughtful and well written. I just want to stress that way back in 1998 RJ was already “mainstream” and was making high rates on his own.

    I have seen a lot of change in the community in the six months I’ve ran this blog. Lets just say I wouldn’t be surprised to see Strauss and Mystery be dethroned themselves sometime in the near future.

  • Gregory Arkadin
    February 9th, 2008 at 9:51 pm

    “Your comment is very thoughtful and well written. I just want to stress that way back in 1998 RJ was already “mainstream” and was making high rates on his own. ”

    RJ gives the illusion of being mainstream with his marketing and the fact he has a fair amount of customers, but the very nature of his quirky, and at times abrasive personality and because his material is so outside the box and at odds with convention, I can’t ever see it getting widespread acceptance like a fast food restaurant .

    In order for that to happen, he would have to dumb down the material, ….but his competitors have already done that for him.

  • shevko
    February 13th, 2008 at 12:49 pm

    In Ross’s defense, Ross did have some involvement int he Annihilation Method (albeit very minor), so I think Neil and Ross have been, at the very least, cordial in their relations.

  • Mack Tight
    February 13th, 2008 at 12:57 pm


    Now that you bring it up I do recall some mention of Ross talking to the students but none of it was filmed or released.

    I guess I would have lost respect for Ross a couple years ago if I wasn’t so senile :)

  • Ross Jeffries
    March 3rd, 2008 at 4:53 pm

    “Little ghost…little ghost, get out of my way”

    …..”Sandman”, Neil Gaiman

  • Mack Tight
    March 5th, 2008 at 12:08 am

    So you think I’m Hector Hall, so that makes you Morpheus then presumably… how was your team up with Santa Claus, Morpheus?

    It’s 2008 and not 1993 anymore so I prefer:

    “Ut Malum Pluvia”
    - Gerard Way ‘The Umbrella Acadamy’

    … are you getting wet Ross?

  • The Sandman
    March 5th, 2008 at 7:51 pm

    Santa Claus? No, never happened. But I’m getting very friendly with Pippi Longstocking. Care for some surstromming?


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