Ross Jeffries Girlfriend

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Most pickup gurus try to keep their girlfriends out of the spotlight…

Others use them to “prove” that they pull hot girls in order to sell products…

Well, good ol’ Ross Jeffries has a new girlfriend…

And he’s about as subtle as an atomic bomb about it…

Her name is apparently Christina…

All his ass-kissing hype of her and cutesy forced affection kind of makes me wanna puke…

But if they’re happy… good for them!

Any how, here’s his take on it… along with a not-so-subtle hint at an upcoming “relationship management” program in the works for him…

A relationship management program by Ross Jeffries?

In my opinion, that’s like a money management program by M.C. Hammer!

Dear Speed Seduction(R) Students,

Yes, the rumors are true.

I do have a new girlfriend.

She’s hot.

She’s smart.

She’s loving.

She’s sexy as hell.

And she is, of course, Scandinavian.

Ross Jeffries Girlfriend

What can I say? I have a thing for those Nordic ladies.

Anyway, one thing I plan to do is to talk alot about how the seduction must always continue, even after the sleeping together has begun.

One thing I’ve noticed in my dating career is this: the smarter the lady, the more self-aware she is, the more you have to stay on your toes to match what she brings to the table.

Who knows? This lady is really sharp: she teaches persuasion, sales and even pick-up (to guys in Denmark!). She may even inspire me to do a course on…gulp…real-hate-shun-ships.

I’ll keep you posted and remember: even seduction gurus can and do fall in love!

Peace and piece,


P.S. Want to attract the top quality, most awesome women, like my Christina?
Get Speed Seduction 3.0 and get the highest quality women, predictably and reliably, without guess work or games, and keep your self-respect intact!

So there you go…

What do you think of her?

It sounds like she’s sort of a “community girl”…

Does this make you want to try his Speed Seduction(R)?

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