RSD Julien Blanc Got Married

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Wow, Real Social Dynamics is in a real transition lately…

They deleted their RSDNation message boards months ago…

And now they are deleting videos, distanced themselves from “men’s dating advice”, and eliminating the uniform “RSD” titles from all their YouTube and social media accounts…

Amongst all this, Julien Blanc got married… Yes, THAT Julien Blanc!

Remember “RSD Julien”? The guy who seemed jealous of RSD Jeffy AKA Jeff Allen AKA JLAIX’s whole “van” drama with Jezebel.. so he wanted to create his own…

Well, he got what he was looking for a few years back. Remember the whole Julien Blanc “shoving Japanese girls’s in his crotch” kerfuffle of 2014? How about the cringe-inducing CNN Chris Cuomo “apology”?

After that, Julien layed low for some time. Then they distanced him from “RSD” by having him give more general self-help advice rather than “pickup artist advice”. His new YouTube channel was called “JulienHimself”.

Meanwhile, RSD Tyler AKA Owen Cook seemed to play the victim card when speaking about the media’s handling of it all.. even though his employee was seemingly asking for a fight. It would be like talking shit to Conor McGregor over social media and then whining after he punches you in the face when you finally meet in-person. I fucking loathe the media, but I also loathe people in the dating industry who seemingly do obnoxious shit to get attention.. and then try to play the victim card afterwards. They are a big part of why the whole “male dating advice industry” gets a bad rap.

Okay, enough harping about the past.. time to go back to the future…

Julien Blanc got married this past May. Obviously, a big congratulations to him and his beautiful wife. May they have a happy life together.

Here’s a video of him discussing marriage:

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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