Finally, A “Rules of the Game” Book Review

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It appears that Neil Strauss’s new book Rules of the Game is indeed a success. At Amazon it is ranked #29 for bestselling books at the time of this post.

I guess the exposure of a visit to a internet talk show and the social proof of two washed up 80’s sitcom stars doing infomercials for you must actually transcend into sales (can you sense the bitter sarcasm in my words icon_smile.gif).

The strange thing is that I haven’t heard many people in the community talking about it or reviewing it. It sounds like Strauss repackaged and regurgitated old forum posts and StyleLife material to milk the last drop of money from the seduction community udder but I have yet to read or hear a formal review.

I’m quite vocal about my distaste in Neil Strauss so I’m not going to buy it although I admit that less than $10 (at Amazon) for two books of this type is quite reasonable.

Luckily Revolver Ocelot took the plunge and briefly reviews Rules of the Game at his Midwest Masters blog with the hint of more posts to come as he finishes the second book. He gives it a resounding stamp of approval. Hopefully he’ll keep us informed as he continues reading it.

If you have read the book (or even refuse to) I would enjoy hearing your opinions.

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